Advent- Days 10, 11, and 12

Yes, I’m behind in my posts. N and I went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday Saturday night and didn’t get home until late. Then Sunday I was volunteering for our church’s Back to Bethlehem event and was exhausted when I came home. Going to try to catch up today.

Day 10– “Visit Back to Bethlehem at church.”

The church the kids and I attend (and joined back in May) hosts a “Back to Bethlehem” event this time every year (for the past three, anyway). People have said “It’s like Ren Fest, but in Bethlehem when Jesus was born.” They have a live nativity set up outside with the traditional characters and animals, then inside there are three different areas set up. In Fellowship Hall there is “Modern Christmas” where there is holiday music, cookies, hot chocolate, and apple cider. Then there is live music being played in the Labyrinth, just outside the sanctuary. And the big attraction is the Market Place, set up in the gym. They really go all out to make it look like what one might have seen in Bethlehem when Jesus was born. The “Census” is set up at the entrance and there are tents set up “selling” various wares as you roam the room. They even had sound piped in to make it sound like a busy marketplace (though there were so many people there, the sound was hardly needed!).

I didn’t really know what to expect when we arrived and we only had a short time to explore before getting home for MIL to show up to babysit. For some reason I thought we’d be done in half an hour. I was wrong. We arrived right at 5, which was when it was set to begin. Unfortunately, not everything was in place right at 5. All Kyla wanted to see was “baby Jesus” but when we went to look outside they were not ready yet. So I took them to the “Modern Christmas” and we ate a couple of cookies, drank hot cocoa, and colored some pictures. When they tired of that we went back out to find “baby Jesus.” The kids were fascinated. Kyla was most entranced with Mary. Lucas wanted to check out the camel. šŸ˜‰

Live Nativity

I did not bring my camera, so I stole this from the church's FB page. We were actually there at the moment that this pic was taken, though! We were standing just out of camera range.

We went back inside to look around the market place, but did not get to see much. The kids were a bit taken back by all the people in costume and stuck VERY close to me. Lucas did brave going up to the flute maker (our associate pastor) and got a flute for both Kyla and himself! Kyla was too scared to leave my side. Looking at the time, we had to get back to the house, so we left. I think we could have spent another hour there! Next year we will definitely need to make more time. I would have taken them back the next day, except I had volunteered to work the grain tent the whole time and knew I couldn’t keep up with them and do my job. I’m looking forward to next year already!

When we got home MIL was just getting out of her car. Perfect timing! Thankfully, I’d rolled the dough for the kids’ dinner already.

Snowman Dough

Snowman Pizza Dough

I’d seen this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be fun for the kids to make with Mom-Mom. I pulled out all the toppings and let N, MIL, and the kids work on building the snowman while I went to change.

Building a snowman

Building a snowman

Apparently the kids are into Picasso. šŸ˜‰

Ready to bake

Ready to bake

N and I left while the pizza was still in the oven. Thankfully MIL got a shot of the finished product (along with the above photos while I was getting dressed.).

Baked Snowman

Baked Snowman

After dinner MIL had some projects for them to work on. When we got home we got to see the fruits of their labor. So cute!

Kyla's reindeer

Kyla's reindeer

Lucas Reindeer

Lucas' Reindeer

Lucas' ornament

Lucas' ornament

Kyla's ornament

Kyla's ornament

Clearly MIL was much more successful (and less twitchy) than I was with making ornaments. Of course, she’s crafty (as in, can make crafts. ;)). Though the kids and I are midway through a new attempt at ornaments. When we’re done I’ll post about them (pray they turn out okay!).

Day 11– “Wear Christmas PJs.”

Okay, this was supposed to be much later in our pockets, but we were at the very end of the day before we got around to looking at the activity and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to accomplish much of anything in the time left before bed time. So I did a quick switcheroo and it made for an easy one that they enjoyed. Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures. MIL bought them matching red PJs that have a single Christmas tree on the shirt and a repeating pattern of trees, Santa hats, and candy canes. They dressed in their PJs and we curled up together playing games on our Kindle Fires (my mom got one for N and one for me and gave them to us as early Christmas presents).

Day 12– “Pay a visit to Santa.”

Last year the kids were terrified of Santa. They wanted nothing to do with him and it made me feel really bad because the person playing Santa was my FIL. This was at the annual Mothers of Multiples Christmas party. FIL will be playing Santa again this year, so I thought it might not be a bad idea to take them to see a Santa before then to gauge their reaction for Saturday.

I’ve been talking up Santa quite a bit the last few weeks. We’ve talked about what they want to ask Santa for Christmas and they both reply immediately when we mention the big guy. Kyla says she wants a drum and Lucas says he wants a keyboard. When we got to the line they both were asking where Santa was (we were behind the photo display). When they saw him they were very excited. But the kid before us freaked out when his mom tried to put him on Santa’s lap. Which made Kyla very nervous. She started to hide behind me, but thankfully I was able to convince her that Santa’s a nice guy and if she wanted to ask him for a drum she would have to go talk to him. They both did very well. Yes, they were nervous, but they gave him a hug, sat on his lap, posed for several pictures (even smiled a little!), and asked him for a drum and keyboard. I’m really hoping this means they’ll do well with Santa at the party, since he does more than just sit in a chair. This year’s Santa picture turned out much better than last year’s!

2011 Santa Pic

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Love the Santa photo!!! My son has the same exact sweater on in his Santa picture! He’s worn it two years, LOL Bought it big last year and used it again this year. Glad you guys had a great Christmas! Your kids are adorable!

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