Advent- Days 8 and 9

Didn’t have time to post yesterday, so I’m having to combine posts again. Something tells me that might happen a lot in the coming weeks.

Anyway, yesterday’s activity was “Clean out and donate toys.” I grabbed a couple of boxes and the three of us went into the play room and started filling them with toys they don’t play with anymore. Only, the kids got distracted (of course) and stopped helping after about a minute. So really this was an activity for me. There’s still a bit more to go through, but I’m hoping to take the boxes (along with the high chairs, pack ‘n’ play, and changing table) to Kid to Kid and whatever they won’t take will go to Goodwill. Not sure I’ll be taking the kids with me, though. Just depends on what kind of mood N is in, I suppose.

Despite the “boring” activity, we had a fun filled day. We started out by taking the kids to Denny’s (N wanted them to try the sugar cookie pancakes), then we stopped at Target to buy the kids gloves (they keep stealing mine), then home. They played with their train table, kitchen, and the nativity before lunch and nap time. When they woke up from nap, Gramps (my dad) and Jan (his wife) were here. They came by to give us our Christmas presents. Kyla got a princess dress and accessories, rubber stamps, and a couple of DVDs. Lucas got a race track/tower, dinosaur rubber stamps, and a couple of DVDs.

They picked well. Both of them have been playing with their new things constantly today. At the moment they are stamping on a big piece of white butcher paper. Yes, I’m twitchy, but I’m trying to get over it. I have made Kyla take off her princess dress when using the stamps because it is not washable (the dress, not the stamps). She asked to wear it the moment she got up and has only taken it off when I told her she had to (for stamps, food, and nap). Thankfully (I guess) my mom and sister have gotten her some dress up clothes as well, so hopefully she’ll rotate through the outfits instead of living in the one. šŸ˜‰

Race track

Lucas playing with his race track.

Kyla Princess

Kyla would not take off her princess dress.

Lucas princess

But she did share her feather boa! (and no, he's not wearing makeup)



Stamping Kyla

Stamping Kyla

Ink pad

Had to take a picture of the ink pad. Yes, the fact that they mixed up the colors totally made me twitch!

Lucas is currently stamping himself, which is what I specifically told them not to do. Not that it doesn’t wash off, but it’s driving me crazy.

Today’s activity didn’t go very well. We were to “Make Christmas ornaments to put on the tree and give away.” Only, they didn’t work out like I thought they were going to. My plan was to put paint on the inside of clear plastic ball ornaments and have the kids swirl it around. I added a little water to the tempera paint we have so it would be more runny. Only, it was too runny and none of it stuck to the sides of the ornament. *sigh*

Failed ornaments

The first attempt.

So I pulled out some holiday stickers and let them decorate that way. Not too impressive, but at least they felt like they did something.

Sticker ornaments

Sticker ornaments

I tried putting paint in without watering it down and that didn’t work either. Then I tried making a funnel and pouring in some salt to look like snow. It needed something more, so I cut some little pieces off of some pipe cleaners. It was the only thing I could think of that might fit through the tiny hole in the top. They did fit, and the kids really worked their fine motor skills putting them in. But it ended up looking like a big multicolored blob. šŸ˜¦

"Snow" ornaments

"Snow" ornaments

At this point I feel like I pretty much wasted my money on those ornaments and tomorrow I may try making salt dough ornaments or something that we bake and they can paint after it cools. I really want them to make something for us to take to people other than cookies. Wish me luck.


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One response to “Advent- Days 8 and 9

  1. sarah

    In the past I have purchased small wooden ornaments really cheap, painted them and then decoupaged a photo on the ornament. the kids could paint them and then you could do the mod podge after it’s completely dry.

    if you want it look even more ‘child’ done then you could have them glue small decorative wood thingys on top of the finished product in the corners. they have them already painted and sell them in bags for cheap as well, like stars, etc…

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