Advent- Day 7

Today’s Advent Activity read “Have Christmas cookies with friends.” I’d planned to get together with our photo mom’s group for months now to bake and decorate Christmas cookies, so this one was assigned to today and didn’t move. 😉 Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home! 😦 I did get a couple of (crappy) pics on my phone, but it’s just not the same. So my friend (the one that hosted) and I are going to try again next week.

Anyway, my friend had dough and decorations ready and a couple of us rolled out small sections for each of the 7 kids that were there. She had cute Santa place mats for each kid to use when using the cookie cutters. I started out helping Kyla cut circles with a cookie cutter, then turned to help Lucas with the heart he had selected. I got absorbed in helping him roll the dough back out and cut out more (2 hearts, 1 bunny, 3 “D”s, 1 “C,” and a blob) and didn’t really watch what Kyla was doing. She announced “I make snowman!” And sure enough, when I looked over at her place mat, she had made a snowman cookie! Complete with holes for the eyes! I was floored. She loves playing with play dough, but has yet to make anything that actually looked like something. Later she even brought me a piece of dough and said “Triangle” and it was a triangle! I think I’ve got a budding artist on my hands. 😉

Here are the (crappy) pics I got:

Raw Snowman

This picture of the raw snowman was actually taken (by me) on my friend's camera. But I don't know her camera settings, so it didn't turn out too great.

Decorated snowman

Decorated snowman

Lucas decorating

Lucas decorating his cookies.

Kyla eating

Kyla eating her snowman


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