Advent- Day 4

Today was very rushed and I had to do some rearranging of the activities to make sure we’d have one that we could fit into our busy day. We went to church, came home and packed the kids’ bag, did our Advent activity, took the kids to Papa’s house where they played until around 4:30 or so, then he took them to his sister and mom’s house where the kids will be spending the night. I spent the afternoon working on orders for Nik’s Naks, then went to dinner and a movie with N.

Anyway, today’s activity was to write a letter to Santa. I printed out a stationary template I got from Picklebums. Then I let each child pick out a crayon they wanted to use and tried to explain to them that we were writing a letter to Santa to let him know what they wanted for Christmas. Now, we’ve gone over and over what they want to ask Santa for, so they knew the answer right away. Obviously they don’t know how to write, but we told them to draw pictures for him. Of course, that’s really only scribbles anyway. Lucas was very quick to draw a “keyboard” and then declared he was done and got up from the table to go play. Kyla colored quite a bit and talked about the drums she wants for Christmas (she’s become very specific, saying she wants purple drums and purple drum sticks. Uh-oh!). N and I told them they had to be sure to sign their letters or Santa wouldn’t know who they were from. He helped them each write the first letters of their names. Then we folded the letters and put them in envelopes and had the kids lick them to close them (yes, I still have envelopes that require licking!). I wrote “Santa, North Pole” on each envelope and N quickly snatched them and added “2011” on the back. When we left for Papa’s, we put the letters in the mail box to be sent to Santa. Kyla wanted hers back, but I explained that the letter would be taken by the postman all the way to Santa so he would know what she wants for Christmas and can get started on it right away. She seemed to accept that.

I did not get any pictures of their letters. However, I believe we will be saving those letters for years to come so we can look back on their development year to year. It will be a fun tradition. I don’t recall ever writing a letter to Santa myself.


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  1. I love the idea of saving the letters to look back on. I still need to write JDaniel’s with him.

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment! I love that she shared her struggle with dyslexia and really wanted her to know other appreciated it.

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