Advent- Day 2

Today the kids woke up at 6:15. I was not happy. N was still here, trying to finish getting ready to go to work and the kids slowed him down. I must mention (as I’m sure I have before) that I am NOT a morning person. So when Lucas tried to remind me to do the Advent Calendar, I told him it was not allowed until 7 o’clock. Which gave me the idea to pull out a digital clock that I’ve had sitting in its box in my sewing room for several years and put it in their bedroom. (I know Lucas can recognize the number 7 because one day he came in to our room and pointed to the clock and said “L- Lucas!” I told him, that it was close, but when an L is upside down it’s a seven. Later he saw a seven and told me “7, Mommy!”) I then explained to them that that unless the first number on the clock was a 7, it was still night-night time and they must stay in their rooms unless they had to use the potty. I talked to them about it again right before bed. They gave all the right answers when I quizzed them on various scenarios (“do you leave the room if the number is 6?”), but we’ll see if it changes anything tomorrow. Probably not.

Anyway, after our clock tutorial it really was 7, so we checked the #2 pocket (Kyla wanted to do the “snowman” pocket, which was day 22, but didn’t argue when I told her it would have to wait). Today’s instructions were to “Set up the Nativity.” I had my mom buy us a Little People Nativity set a few weeks ago and was excited to have them play with it, given that we read The Christmas Story yesterday. As I handed them the figures I reminded them of the story and gave them verbal directions on where they should go. This is what they came up with:

Initial set up

Initial set up

They didn’t do too badly, even though I tried to tell them that Baby Jesus should go in the “barn” so that he wouldn’t get rained on. They insisted the animals belonged in the barn. It was a good thing I got a picture when I did, though. Because they sure didn’t stay in place for long. Throughout the whole day they played with the figures off and on. Especially Kyla. She actually carried Baby Jesus and “Mama” (Mary) around most of the day. She misplaced them several times and we would have to stop everything to go on a Jesus hunt. LOL

Lucas with Joseph

Lucas with Joseph

Kyla holding Baby Jesus

Kyla holding Baby Jesus

I thought today’s activity was a hit. I know they don’t really get the significance behind the figures, but at least they are becoming familiar with the story on some level. It will be interesting to see if we make it through the rest of the season without losing any of the figures. I should note that we somehow ended up with a spare Jesus, so at least we’re covered there. šŸ˜‰ Kyla did find the other Jesus and tried to take it but I told her we might need that for Christmas morning. My mom (who was on the phone with me at the time) laughed at that.

We also went to the library today and picked up a TON of winter books (all the Christmas ones are checked out, of course) and spent the last 30 minutes before bed reading several of them. I was going to follow the Creative Christmas Countdown Day 1 recommendation and wrap them all to open each day leading up to Christmas, but decided I really didn’t want to use up that much wrapping paper. Instead I think we’ll just read a smattering of books each day.

Any of you have fun activities you’re doing with your little ones for Advent? I’d love to hear about them!



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2 responses to “Advent- Day 2

  1. It looks like they really live the nativity! JDaniel yearns to open a door on your nativity calendar to take out the chocolate piece every morning.

  2. Lori Shugart

    I love this about the nativity set because the nativity set was a huge favorite of my nephews when they were little especially Scott. After he left we would have to hunt down Baby Jesus because he would hide him around the house. He never got broke but we were lucky about that. They didn’t have Little People I don’t think back then . You are doing great things! I love your Advent calendar.

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