Advent- Day 1

Today was the first day to use our Advent Calendar. When the kids woke up (much earlier than I would of liked, as usual) and had gone to the bathroom, I took them to the calendar, which I had hung on the wall next to our bedroom the night before. I showed them the numbers and counted 1-24 with them and explained that we had 24 more days until Christmas and that Santa had left us a task for each day. I then asked them if they wanted to see what we were supposed to do today (they said yes, of course). I pulled out the card and read “Read the story What is Christmas?.” I then had them look for the book, which I’d “hidden” on the shelf in plain site (but they still didn’t see it. Oops.). We then sat down and read both What is Christmas? and The Christmas Story.

What is Christmas?
The Christmas Story

I wanted to start off with these two stories so that I made sure the kids knew (or at least were exposed to, even if they don’t understand yet) why we celebrate Christmas. I plan to read quite a lot of books to them this season, but it was important to me to start of on the “right” foot.

What types of activities have you done to start off the countdown to Christmas?

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  1. We just started our advent calenders today too. The kids seem to love it although I am not sure how much of the holidays they really “get” at this point. Don’t know if you’re a Santa person but this website, is so cute and makes a personal video from Santa to your kids. I was trying to expose them to Santa so they wouldn’t be so scared this year. I’m so glad your 30 days of play went so well. Thanks for documenting it all because it gave me some great ideas! Thanks!

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