30 Days to Hands on Play- Last Day

Today there was not a specific activity suggested, simply a list of ideas to help keep the hands on play going.

We ended up having a family day (and one-on-one time) today, completely unplanned. I needed to find new jeans (apparently I’ve worn holes into the butt of my favorite jeans 😦 ), so I suggested that I take one of the kids with me to Macy’s while N took the other for a walk. He decided it was too cold to walk outside (at the time his phone said it was 30-something degrees, I think), so we decided to take both kids to the mall and split up. He walked while I shopped. Lucas and I found me one pair of jeans (I went down 2 sizes from the last time I bought jeans!) that fit comfortably, then we hit up the Disney Store to find a Christmas present from Lucas to Kyla. It was funny how quickly he decided what he wanted to get (and I know she’ll like it!) and even after looking through all of the rest of the store, that was still what he wanted. I love that both kids have now chosen something for the other. And they really did seem to understand that they were getting something for the other one, not for themselves (though Kyla did have to be reminded a couple of times).

When we were done we met up with Kyla and N in the food court and had lunch. Kyla and N had apparently chosen a cupcake for the kids to share after they ate, which made for a lovely mess, but was clearly enjoyed. After washing up (and going potty), we took them on one ride on the carousel before going home. It was a truly pleasant time (unlike my grouchiness of the morning, which I won’t go into).

I’m sad to see this challenge end. But I’m hoping that I can continue what we’ve started and devote AT LEAST 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to playing WITH my kids and to try new things, even when they make me twitch. I do think that our Advent Calendar will help with some of that, not to mention the fact that I’ve now found a Creative Christmas Countdown blog party! 🙂


To see other experiences with the 30 Days to Hands on Play challenge, visit The Imagination Tree or Hands on as We Grow.


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One response to “30 Days to Hands on Play- Last Day

  1. Glad you found our countdown! That 15 minutes out of a day really make a difference in the closeness with our kiddos doesn’t it? 😉

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