30 Days to Hands on Play- Day 27

Yesterday’s suggested activity was to play dress up. We didn’t really do that. We did lots of other playing, but not that. I looked through my closet to see what I could pull out, but just didn’t feel inspired. I feel horrible that I didn’t do it, but I’ll try to incorporate it into our day some time soon.

Instead we had One-on-One time. Kyla’s been doing SO well with the potty training, so as a reward she and I went to the store to find nail polish of her very own. (Yes, she loves to have her nails painted. I can already hear all of you out there saying “This from the person who said she didn’t want a girly-girl.” Well, if you all recall, I also said “Which is why she probably will be.” And to be honest, it’s not so bad. I’m not gonna go out and buy her all kinds of frilly dresses or big hair bows, but I don’t mind painting her nails or putting her hair in pig tails. I’ll even put a small hair clip in her hair if she wants. I like her just the way she is.) We spent a good hour and a half at Target, looking at the dollar section, the nail polish, the toys, picking up the two things I forgot from my grocery list… I even had her pick a Christmas present for her brother. Unfortunately, the trip took even longer than it should have because as I stood in the checkout line I realized I had left my wallet at home! We left the merchandise behind the register and drove home to grab my wallet and right back. Of course, by that time the lines were hugely long and we had to stand in line for a good 20 minutes before we got to the front. However, Kyla was wonderfully well behaved through all of it and I couldn’t have been more happy to spend time with my sweet girl.

While we were gone Lucas and N took a walk. Well, N walked. Lucas rode in the stroller. They tried to go to a local coffee shop, but it ended up being closed on Sundays, so they came back home and made Chai Tea together. Then they sat down and watched Phineas and Ferb for the first time. Seems Lucas likes the show. Figures.

I think it’s important for the two of them to have some apart time. We don’t do it near often enough. They’d been fighting a lot lately and they both were much more calm while they were getting one on one attention. This is something we really need to do at least once a month if not more. I think it will also help us to know them more as individuals as well. This challenge has really been reinforcing to me the fact that they have different interests and strengths and I need to be sure to enrich them in different ways.

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