30 Days to Hands on Fun- Day 26

Today’s suggested activity was to “Play in a box.” It just so happens we had an empty box that we had used for our “Toss the turkey” activity for our last Tot Time, so I pulled it out along with some crayons. Being two, neither of my kids is really ready for coming up with what the box could be (other than a box) just yet. So I asked them “Is it a bath tub? Is it a race car? Is it an air plane?” I got a quick “Yeah!” from Kyla, but finally got both to agree that it was an airplane. Then I got to work drawing a steering wheel and other “controls” as well as a window with clouds and birds. Kyla and Lucas used the crayons to draw… scribbles. But they were having fun, so that’s all that matters. We never really used is AS an airplane, though.

Next, we turned it over and made a grill. We used the turkey feathers from our “Toss the turkey” as chicken (yellow) and steak (red). And we colored some more.

I think that Kyla’s favorite part was getting to color all over the box. Lucas played in it (and drew) as well, but he mostly wanted to drive cars on our roads from yesterday (yes, I left the tape on the floor and probably will for a few days). The box stayed out all day and this is what they decided to do instead of helping me pick up before bed:

Playing in a box

Playing in a box

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One response to “30 Days to Hands on Fun- Day 26

  1. Yay! I know, the younger ones can’t quite come up with the suggestions themselves yet! Great ideas you came up with though!

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