30 Days to Hands on Fun- Day 25

Today’s suggested activity was “Small World Play.” Using miniature cars, people, animals, or whatever interests your child, create a world in which to play using those toys.

I spent a lot of the day trying to figure out what we could do that would capture both of their interests. I know Kyla likes to play with dolls and the princess toys we have. Lucas will play with them too, but I really wasn’t sure what to do with them. We also have lots of animals from our Noah’s Ark set and we’ve played “Zoo” in the past by building enclosures with the MagnaTiles. I continued to think through their nap and still hadn’t settled on anything.

Then, they both got a “prize” for finishing a row of stickers on their potty chart and I just happened to have some emergency vehicles in the prize bag. So I had the kids help me gather all of our cars and we used tape to “draw” streets on the floor. I also pulled out the MagnaTiles and started building houses and other buildings to complete our “city.” We drove our cars around and around. Unfortunately, the houses got in the way and were knocked over several times. Apparently my kids have a little bit of Godzilla or King Kong in them. 😉

City destroyed

City destroyed

We decided to clear away the MagnaTiles and just use the streets. Lucas started crashing into my car and making it spin out. So of course, Kyla had to join in. Don’t ask me why they decided to do this. Perhaps they’ve seen Cars a few too many times. 😉

Kyla did lose interest for a little while, but Lucas and I kept playing. He started naming each of the cars after a character in the movie Cars. I’m not sure how he decided on which one was “Ka-Chow” (what they call Lightening McQueen), but apparently the orange car in the picture below got the title.

Naming the cars

Naming the cars

Kyla returned when no one joined her to play with the playdough. Soon it was time for me to start dinner, so I let them watch a little TV. After dinner we got down on the floor and played some more. And this time N joined in with us! I know they both loved having their Daddy playing with them that way. I’m so glad he seems to be feeling better and is up for playing with them more. 🙂

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