30 Days to Hands on Play- Day 24

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. The kids watched a LOT of TV because I wanted them to see the parade. Then there were the football games (on for other family members). BUT we also got in some fun play time too.

The suggested activity for the day was “Playful Fun” by “getting down on the floor with the kids and have some fun! Start tickling, chasing, or maybe even some safe rough housing!” It was also suggested to get the extended family involved. The great thing about this was, I didn’t even have to make a suggestion, it just happened!

I did run around playing “getcha” with them in the morning while N was doing prep work in the kitchen. But after about 5 minutes I was too exhausted to continue. I pushed myself to do another 5 minutes, but that was as long as I lasted. I really wish I had more energy for that kind of stuff because we really do have a lot of fun chasing each other around the house. Thankfully, their grandmother (MIL), uncle (BIL), and great-uncle (my uncle) picked up the slack a bit in the evening playing with them. I loved hearing all the laughter from kids and adults alike. Kyla and Lucas were so wound up we weren’t able to get them to bed until an hour after their bed time! But I wouldn’t have had it any other way. ❤

Thank You, Lord, for all of our blessings. Most of all, thank You for my perfect children and the many miracles that led to their existence!


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