30 Days to Hands on Play- Day 23

Today’s suggested activity was “Printing with Objects.” Just looking at the paint all over the host’s kids made me twitch. My mom finally nailed down why I get so twitchy with stuff like this. It’s because I hate to clean and know that no one else will do it for me. Must be true, since I didn’t have any problem at all with them getting covered in paint when we went to Scribbles and Dribbles last year.

I spent the morning pretty much trying to figure out a reason not to do this activity. I know, bad mom. I knew they’d enjoy it and that I should just suck it up and have fun, but was dreading the mess. I finally made a compromise. I used some large ink pads I’d bought (but not yet opened) instead of paint. I hoped it might be a little less messy. We didn’t do very many objects (did try using cars, a small ball, and some shapes from a shape sorter), but they sure loved using their hands to make prints all over the paper!

Making prints

Making prints

I made the mistake of putting MY fingerprints on KYLA’S paper and she flipped. So I had to go get more paper. In the process I came across the “T is for Turkey” worksheets I’d gotten from 2 Teaching Mommies, so I brought one in for each of them and myself and suggested that they put dots in each of the circles. Lucas did one or two and quickly lost interest. Kyla, on the other hand, placed a dot in each and every circle. She was very focused as she worked, too!

T is for Turkey

T is for Turkey

I’m sad to admit that I watched the clock on this one. Lucas wandered away after about 10 minutes and Kyla would probably have kept going after the 15 minutes, but I told her it was time to clean up. We washed hands and (after half an hour of coaxing) got ready to go visit LD who is in town for the night.

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Even though this isn’t about our challenge activities, I did want to share how adorable it was to watch the kids play with LD’s husband. When LD was pregnant with the twins, D used to poke her belly and annoy them. So on the way to the hotel I told them that they should poke D when they saw him. When D arrived (he got there about 20 minutes or so after us) Lucas started to go over to poke him, but got shy and pulled away. But it didn’t take long for him to warm up and he and D had a great time poking, giggling, and flying (D would throw Lucas onto the bed). Soon even my shy girl joined in. The laughter was contagious and I loved every minute of it. It was a shame we had to leave, but I knew I couldn’t keep them up too late or I’d be miserable tomorrow when we have guests for Thanksgiving. I’m so glad the kids warmed up to LD and D and that everyone got to have a good time. It was so cute as we drove home and Kyla and Lucas talked and talked to me about them. They even moped around the house when we got home saying “I miss LD.” “I miss D.” Aww! So cute!


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