Traveling curse

It’s official. We are cursed. We are going to have to stop traveling.

We drove to Houston on Thursday (you may have noticed the daily posts drop off) and the usual 4 hour drive took 6. Every time Kyla got bored she played the potty card. Rarely was it warranted, but we certainly didn’t want to run the risk of being wrong. Thankfully (?) we had the little potty in our car, so we were able to stop on the side of the road if there wasn’t a place to stop. Part of me wonders if it would have been better if they’d had to wait until we found a place to go in, but I’m just not sure.

I was already worried about accidents at my mom’s, since she has repeatedly told me she thinks they are too young. So I was on edge, of course. I also knew she didn’t approve of me leaving them in underwear at night and really hoped they’d make it at least one night with no accidents, along with the days. I did not get my wish. They both wet the bed every night and they both had several other accidents as well. My mother made the not-so-subtle comment of “I would have given up a long time ago” (in reference to the potty training). Which only made me more on edge, of course.

Then on Saturday morning, while cleaning up a puddle Lucas had made, I heard a distressed sound coming from the bathroom where I’d left him. He was throwing up. Yea. I hoped it was a fluke. He threw up again. Ugh. And yes, there was a third time. But that wasn’t the worst of it. No, once the vomit was done, it started coming from the other end. Yes, my friends, we had a child with uncontrollable liquid bowel movements (or “pee out my butt!” as Lucas put it) in underwear (and nothing else because he had not yet gotten dressed). I attempted to get him to wear a pull up (my mother has them for my 4 year old nephew, who still wears them to bed), but he refused. Even going so far as to remove it himself. My sister tried to tell me to “just put it on him.” Clearly her son was more cooperative than mine at two.

Needless to say, we did not get to see my sister. What really sucks is that we were secretly planning to get a picture taken with all of Mom’s kids and grandkids. And we had to cancel. And I had to tell Mom because we needed the cell number of her friend who was taking the picture because we couldn’t get ahold of her at her house. *sigh*

After a full day of cleaning up diarrhea a full day we decided to head home on Sunday if things calmed down. They did, and we did.

I guess the trip wasn’t a total bust. We did get to hang out with my brother, his wife, and his daughter on Friday. Hopefully we didn’t pass on whatever upset Lucas’s tummy (which we still don’t know the cause of). But it would be nice to actually get to know my newest nephews. And to stop having my child spew bodily fluids every time we go to my mom’s house.

So, yep. We’re cursed. And I think it’s all my sister’s fault. I think Lucas doesn’t like the competition the brought in to the family. 😉


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  1. Girl that’s so rough.So glad nobody else got the crud that Lucas did. Such a bummer this happens when you travel! The same thing ripped through my house a few weeks ago. Toddlers with tummy bugs are no fun:(

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