30 Days of Hands on Play- Day 15

Today’s suggested activity was “Playing with Junk.” There were several suggested ideas, but I wasn’t sure how “creative” my kids could get just yet. Don’t get me wrong, they have imaginations for sure, but they’re just not quite at the point of creating things on their own just yet (though Kyla told me she made a rocking chair out of the play dough today!).

So instead I read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, then asked them if they wanted to make a caterpillar. Of course, I hadn’t really thought things through, so I had to quickly come up with what we were going to use. I grabbed buttons and pom-poms. We pulled some out and lined them up to make our caterpillars. But that didn’t last long. So we started counting and sorting the buttons. I’m constantly amazed at what they can do!

Then I grabbed two egg cartons I’ve been saving for something (had no clue what) and gave one to each of them. They promptly started placing buttons (Kyla) and pom-poms (Lucas) into each cavity. I didn’t even have to give them any direction. They would place one in each space, counting as they went. So I grabbed a pen and wrote the numbers 1-12 in the inside of each space. When they got tired of that, they started looking for letters they know on the outside of the carton. They are very into spotting “K- Kyla,” “L- Lucas,” “D- Daddy,” “M- Mommy,” and any other letters they know. Some of which I didn’t even know they knew (like “R”)!

This activity wasn’t one of the “best” ones we’ve done, but it definitely showed me that they can do things I hadn’t tried with them in a long time (I had tried to get them to sort pom-poms into ice cube trays several months ago and was not successful). A good reminder that their skills develop quickly and when you’re not looking!

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