30 Days of Hands on Play- Day 13

Today’s suggested activity was “Sticky Art.” There were lots of possibilities for this, but I felt that contact paper was the cleanest (and least twitchy) of the options. So I pulled out some contact paper and taped it onto the window, then brought out buttons, construction paper, and pom-poms. I stuck a couple of pieces of paper onto the window and then stepped back and let them play. Their favorite thing to stick on the window was the buttons.

Sticky Art

Sticky Art

Then I ran outside and grabbed some flower petals and leaves that had blown onto the porch. Unfortunately, my going outside made Lucas want to go outside. So we got dressed (yes, they seem to be naked pretty much any time we’re at home) and headed outside.

Kyla outside
Lucas outside

We played for about 45 minutes or so, then I suggested to them that we take a trip to the Pet Store (we told Lucas that if he stayed dry we would go to the pet store). I’m thinking that counts as our field trip that we missed yesterday! 😉

When we came home the kids continued to return to the window to stick new things onto the contact paper. It was cute. I haven’t cleaned it all up yet. I figure maybe it will keep them busy for a little bit in the morning.

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2 responses to “30 Days of Hands on Play- Day 13

  1. I think the Pet Store counts too 😉

    Lovely buttons on the contact paper! And 45 minutes! Bravo!

  2. Laughing about your “twitchy” comments. That’s so me! LOL

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