30 Days to Hands on Fun- Day 8

Actually, this is a tot school post too. It’s difficult to decide on titles when you cram a bunch of stuff into one post. Oh, well.

So today we finally got back to Tot Time! It’s been several weeks, for various reasons (illness, planned travel, doctor’s appointments…) and I know we were all excited to be back to it. Today’s theme was “Fall” and it was planned by C. Silly me forgot my good camera, so I only had my point and shoot (which lives in the diaper bag for just such occasions). Please forgive me. I know I’m not that great at taking pictures, but at least I can pretend to be with my Cannon. šŸ˜‰

Anyway, we started out our day with a Nature Walk. We took a basket with us to collect rocks, leaves, sticks, and whatever other “nature” we came across. While the kids loved running around, and occasionally they did pick things up to put in the basket (and E would run away so they couldn’t), but for the most part it didn’t really go as planned. No big deal, but somewhat surprising.

Keep Away

E playing Keep Away

When we returned home C pulled out a sensory bin she’d put together filled with pumpkins, red, yellow, and orange tissue paper, and pine cones. They played with it some, but Kyla and E were more interested in the sand table, and Lucas and N were hoarding pumpkins.

sensory bin

sensory bin



Once again, we moved on. Using bottles filled with water and wrapped in fall colors, we used the pumpkins to go bowling. It was kind of funny to see each of the kids’ takes on the game. N knocked over the “pins” with gusto, Lucas enjoyed throwing the pumpkins into the bottles, but they didn’t always fall down, Kyla wanted to hoard all the “pink” (red) ones to have a “tea party,” and E wanted to remove the paper from all of the bottles. LOL Once again, not exactly what was planned, but I suppose it worked on some level.

Lucas "bowling"

Lucas "bowling"

Kyla's "pink" tea party

Kyla's "pink" tea party

We spent the rest of the morning pretty relaxed and just let the kids do what they wanted, since our plans weren’t going quite the way we expected. After lunch C pulled out these cornucopia stickers for the kids to decorate with. Amazingly, this was the hit of the whole day! All four kids got very involved in selecting their stickers and placing them on their horn o’ plenty. šŸ™‚

Lucas concentrating

Lucas concentrating

Kyla's stickers

Kyla's stickers

We attempted to have my kids nap at her house, but it was a big disaster, so the kids and I headed home. Of course, they were asleep before I even got out of the neighborhood, so I decided to take the “long” way home and hope they’d get a decent nap. After about 25 minutes, Kyla woke up and needed to pee. Thank goodness I keep a potty seat in the back of the car! She peed, then didn’t go back to sleep the rest of the day. Lucas slept until we got home (about an hour, total). They played fairly nicely throughout the afternoon, though I’m sad to report we had several potty accidents. šŸ˜¦ I don’t know what’s going on, but we seem to be having at least one every day lately and today we had 5 from Kyla (3 pee, 1 poop) and 2 from Lucas (1 of each). šŸ˜¦

After dinner I finally got out today’s 30 Days to Hands on Play activity; Water Play. I didn’t want a huge mess, so I decided to set it up in the bath tub, right before bath time. I went ahead and stripped them (one of the reasons for no pictures!) and let them go to town with red and blue water. I gave them syringes and droppers. This was the first time they’ve used droppers, and the first time they’ve tried to suck anything into a syringe (we let them squirt their own medicine into their mouths occasionally). It was neat seeing them work on this new skill. I’ll admit I didn’t so much play with them as supervise. I did show them a few things and helped them when they couldn’t figure out how to use something, but mostly I just enjoyed watching. When they decided to dump the bowls into the tub I simply turned on the bath water and we started bath time. They continued to use the droppers and syringes and when I asked them if they wanted their tub toys they said no! LOL

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Tot School

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