30 Days to Hands on Play- Day 7

Today’s challenge activity was “Mega Floor Doodles.” Cover the floor in butcher paper and go to town with crayons.

I thought this was going to be a huge hit. Unfortunately, my timing was off initially. I put out the paper at nap time so we could play right after they woke up. But Lucas woke up in a bad mood and wanted nothing to do with it for a while. After Kyla and I colored for a little while he finally settled down to watch, then participate, but I got a phone call from my MIL before the 15 minutes were up. Yes, I was a bad mom and answered. Then Lucas decided he was hungry and needed a snack.

Mega Floor Doodles

Mega Floor Doodles

Even though our first attempt was not very successful, we came back to it after dinner. They enjoyed it much more then.

Today I also decided to bring back the Muffin Tin Meals! Personally, I love soup. N’s not such a fan and I’ve yet to find a soup the kids will eat, so I thought maybe if I put it in a muffin tin meal they would be more interested. This time around I made Lasagna Soup (based on a recipe from The Dean Brothers’ web site. It was DELICIOUS!).

Soup Tin

Pineapple, Lasagna Soup, Parmesan Garlic Bread

They scarfed the pineapple and ate a couple of noodles, but that was about it. Oh, well. I tried. But on the plus side, N loved the soup! LOL

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  1. Feeding my four sweeties

    The soup sounds great. I will give the mega floor doodle a go with my lot.

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