30 Days to Hands on Learning: Day 6

Okay, so it’s only day 2 for us, but it’s day 6 of the challenge, so I figured I’d stick with their numbering.

Today’s suggestion was to have Family Time. Fifteen minutes of uninterrupted play with the whole family. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen because N is still hurting pretty badly from his surgery and didn’t really come out of our room much at all today. Hopefully we can come back to this when he’s feeling more up to it.

Instead we did the activity from Day 4; island hopping. The idea is to throw pillows all over the floor and pretend the floor is water and the pillows are islands. You’re supposed to hop from island to island and not touch the water. I started out by throwing pillows and couch cushions all around the floor and enthusiastically telling the kids “Quick, quick! Get on an island! Don’t fall in the water!” The looked at me like I’d lost my mind. Eventually I convinced them to get on the pillows, but they weren’t very successful at hopping from island to island. At first I had them too far apart, but even when they were right up next to each other they didn’t stay on them. I tried telling them “If you go in the water, the alligators might get you!” They thought that was pretty funny. But they still didn’t stay on the pillows. And I was getting exhausted. So I decided to sit on an “island” and read a book to them about islands (Pirate Pete). Only, they didn’t want to sit. So we ran around some more. Then Lucas said he was hungry, so we stopped for lunch.

I thought that was it for the island hopping activity, but I was wrong. After bath this evening, Kyla started telling me “On island! Alligator get you!” LOL It was so cute! She then pulled all the pillows out (I’d put them away at nap time) and tried to get the game going again. Unfortunately, I was just too tired to do more than sit on an island and Lucas wasn’t interested.

We also played with the play dough again today. They really seem to enjoy squishing objects into the dough. And they love making me make things for them. Anything I do with my dough, they want done to theirs. But they refuse to try to do it themselves and want me to do it. It’s annoying, but I remember that they were that way with puzzles for a while before figuring out how to do it themselves. And also with drawing (though they still prefer for us to draw for them). I guess it’s part of the process.

I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow’s activity will be!

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One response to “30 Days to Hands on Learning: Day 6

  1. Great idea to go back to another challenge when you knew that day’s wasn’t going to work! That’s what its all about, time spend together 🙂

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