Jumping back in and a challenge

This morning I could have very easily continued my trend of turning on the tv and ignored them all day again. After all, even though I’ve been pushing their bedtime slowly back to accommodate the upcoming time change, Lucas is still waking me up at 6 AM. I am SO not a morning person. I was rather annoyed (and will be even more annoyed tomorrow when it’s 5 AM). But I was determined not to continue the cycle. So, while they ate breakfast, I decided to do some of the activities I had planned for our Spider Tot Time that didn’t get to happen because everyone was sick. I quickly pulled out some yarn and got to work.

Spider Web House

Yarn spider web in their play house!

Exploring the web

Exploring the web

We made it!

We made it!

They loved playing in the “Spider Web House” all day. They frequently returned to it, helping each other in and out. For some reason the song “Over, Under, Around, and Through” from Team Umizoomi popped into my head and I kept singing it throughout the day (unfortunately, I don’t know all the words, so it was rather annoying after a while). It was a great opportunity to reinforce the vocabulary, though!

I then took out some masking tape and we I made a web on the floor. Then I made S’s for them to stomp on (I was going to make spiders, but they were being impatient and S’s were faster).

Floor spider web

Floor spider web with S's to stomp.

Earlier, when I’d finished creating the Spider Web House but the kids were still eating breakfast, I got on the computer (I know, bad Mom). I’m glad I did, though, because I stumbled upon a wonderful challenge. The 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge! I’m a bit late (it started November 1st), but I decided to jump right in.

Day 1 was for setting goals and thinking about our kids’ traits, so I have gone ahead and done that:

My Mission Statement:

I hope to take this opportunity to stimulate my kids and show them they are important. I want them to know I care about what they do and that everything else can wait. In the process, I hope to expose all of us to new play and learning possibilities as they develop and grow in the coming weeks.

Kyla’s interests:

  • babies
  • pretend play
  • emotions
  • coloring
  • giving directions (not receiving, generally)

Lucas’s interests:

  • shapes
  • building
  • “helping”
  • trains (recent)
  • climbing

Then I just skipped to the Day 5 activity; Play Dough Exploration. I had the kids help me make the dough (using the recipe from the challenge post) and we added red food coloring, peppermint extract (for scent), and red sprinkles. It turned out kinda pretty, but I didn’t get a good picture of it. We were too busy playing! These pictures were from after we’d played for quite some time. We ended up playing with the play dough for an hour! Then we stopped to watch Miss Spider (because I’d told them we could, since we were playing with spider webs) and have lunch, then nap time. They actually helped me clean it up, even! We took it out again when I needed to empty/reload the dishwasher and they played with it quite nicely together (such a pleasant sound!) while I worked. Then I joined them again and we played some more.

Play dough Lucas

Pompoms in play dough?

Immitating Mommy

Immitating Mommy

Getting into it

Lucas really got into squishing objects into his play dough.

Dainty Kyla

Kyla was much more dainty in her explorations.

It’s amazing how much more pleasant the kids were to be around today. Granted, there were times when I wanted to just take a break, but most of the time I was having fun too. I’m glad I stumbled upon the challenge and plan to participate throughout the rest of the month as much as possible (might be difficult when we’re in Houston, simply for lack of Internet connection to find out the activities. Though there’s no reason I can’t come up with my own.). I know it will help us all have better days.

Join the 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge!



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4 responses to “Jumping back in and a challenge

  1. What a fun idea with the yarn webbing. Thanks for posting, I’m going to explore the link.

  2. What a great challenge! I might have to follow along, too bad I took a break from the internet and missed the first half.

  3. This is a lovely post and I’m so pleased you linked it up! Did you do many more of the challenges too?

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