Why I’ve been missing

I feel bad that I’ve gone so long without a post, but then I look at what the last two weeks have been like and I realize why. Let me try to condense the craziness as much as possible.

potty training

I got the kids back in underwear on Sunday, the 23rd. I totally regretted even offering Kyla the diapers. It took several days of accidents, but Lucas finally got back on track. Kyla held out, though. Almost like she was determined to make my life miserable. She would look right at me and squat. I’m not exaggerating. Then we happened to be at a friend’s house on Thursday, the 27th, and she actually told me she needed to pee! I gave her all kinds of praise, of course, then I told her that if she could stay dry the whole weekend, we would go to McDonald’s. I guess that did the trick because she was dry all weekend (except nights and one accident I forgave her for). I didn’t want Lucas to feel left out, so I told him that if he stayed dry we would go to the pet store (he likes to look at the animals). He stayed dry too! It’s good to know they really can do it!


My birthday was on the 26th. My only request, from all the way in September, was that we go to the Arboretum as a family on the 25th to get some pictures and then we were going to have D watch the kids so N and I could have dinner alone. Not too much to ask. But neither happened. 😦 I couldn’t ask N to walk around the Arboretum when he was in pain from walking the neighborhood, and Kyla started getting what Lucas and I had had a few days before (Oh, yeah. Did I mention I caught Lucas’s germs?). I was pretty bummed and told everyone I was postponing my birthday to some other day when everyone in my family was well. The actual day turned out okay, but nothing exciting. We went to McDonald’s (this was before the promise to Kyla) so I could get a McRib (yes, I actually love those things!) and that evening the kids and I went to dinner with D and Granny.


LD’s first IM and her kids (who live in New York) were coming in to town, so LD decided to have all of her IPs and surro-kids in one place. We drove up on Sunday and spent the evening visiting with people I have little in common with other than that LD carried our kids. They were all nice enough, I just didn’t have a lot to say and had to keep track of my kids anyway. N seemed to have a good time, though, and hit it off with at least one of the other IFs. That night in the hotel was exhausting, though. The kids woke up a lot and we got little sleep. But at least they were good and tired for the drive home! They slept most of the way, which was nice, considering all the false alarm stops we had to make on the way up. Regardless, I’m happy to say that both stayed dry on the long drives!


We got back in town just in time to get the kids bathed and dressed to go trick or treating at Scare on the Square. Since it was the only event we were actually well enough to attend in costume, I was determined to go. I made their costumes this year and they were both looking forward to wearing them (see previous post for pictures). They were Kai-lan and Tolee from Nick Jr’s “Ni Hao, Kai-lan” which is one of their favorite shows right now. I was really proud of how the costumes turned out, even if Lucas refused to wear the hoodie while we were trick or treating because it was so warm out. At least he can wear it as a jacket through the fall/winter. After trick or treating we went to PetSmart and McDonald’s to reward both of the kids for staying dry.

N’s surgery

We got a late start getting out the door, which drove me crazy, then halfway to D’s house to drop off the kids N remembered he’d left the paperwork he needed the doctor to fill out at the house, so we had to turn around. We dropped the kids off and left pretty abruptly, which I think upset Kyla (she’s been clingy since Saturday). We got to the hospital at 10:30 and he was taken to the OR a little before noon. N’s mom came to wait with me, which I really appreciated. She was a good distraction from the wait. The surgery took a little longer than they’d anticipated (they’d said 1.5-2 hours), but everything went well. We didn’t get released until 6 PM, so I decided to take D up on her offer to keep the kids overnight. Had I known at the time that Kyla had had nothing but accidents the whole day, I probably wouldn’t have made that decision. After having so much success over the weekend I’m sure it was in response to being left (she hasn’t had any waking accidents today). When I picked them up this morning Kyla saw me first through the window and she screamed “MOMMY!!!!!” It’s nice to feel loved. ❤

N is still in pain, of course, but he's doing well. The kids have been great with him. When we were on our way home from Music class I told them that they could give Daddy a kiss, but they couldn't climb on him because he's got big ouchies. They told me they were going to kiss him and make him better. So cute! Of course, the minute we got home they wanted to find Daddy to give him a kiss. They've done it several times throughout the day (he's hiding out in our room with the door shut). It's amazing how much more they understand now than they did last December when I had my surgery.

Nik’s Naks

I’ve been trying to build up my business with things that I think will have a broader audience than what I started out with. I’ve spent several nap times sewing and have made some pretty cute stuff (if I do say so myself). My favorite is a peasant blouse that I made for Kyla. I love how it turned out. I just wish that I could say that it’s paying off. Unfortunately, I’ve only gotten one order (from a friend). 😦 I’m trying not to give up, but it’s very disheartening.

To say that life has been hectic the last couple of weeks is an understatement. It doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon, either. We haven’t been able to do a Tot Time since October 11th because of busy schedules and illnesses. We plan to do one next Tuesday, though. So hopefully we’ll get back on track. Which reminds me, I should probably post about our trip to the pumpkin patch (we went that Tuesday that N went to the ER)! But it’s way past my bed time, so it will have to wait for another time. Goodnight!


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