Rewards Chart

Last weekend it seemed like Kyla had completely forgotten everything she’d learned about going on the potty. She had nothing but accidents for 4 days straight. It was very frustrating, to say the least. So on Monday N and I decided to initiate a Rewards Chart. I already had a sticker book and construction paper, so it was a quick and simple “game” to start. Of course, we couldn’t give Kyla rewards without giving them to Lucas as well, so they both got their own chart. I was a bit TOO quick with making the charts and it turned out that Lucas had an extra column, but since they can’t count that high, it really didn’t matter.

I started out offering M&Ms if they got 5 stickers (one sticker every time they peed or pooped in the potty). Of course, then it turned into a game of “how many stickers can I get in one 30 minute span” and Lucas already has the delightful game of “can I poop every time I’m on the toilet.” Lucas quickly passed Kyla, and unfortunately (?) can count to 5, so he knew he had earned his M&Ms. Kyla was very not happy to be left out.

At first I thought that our “game” would backfire and she’d get even more discouraged and quit altogether. Thankfully, that was not the case. Soon I didn’t have to give them rewards, they just wanted the stickers. However, I did tell them that if they filled their chart completely (42 for Kyla, 49 for Lucas), we would take them out for ice cream. They started counting how many squares they had left instead of how many they had filled. It was pretty cute. I’ll admit that I didn’t really remind them about the stickers, just gave them when they asked. I was trying to make sure the chart lasted until the weekend, when N would be home and we could do the big reward all together. They both finished their charts right before nap today. They were SO excited and wanted to go get ice cream right away. We had to convince them that we could go after nap.

As soon as Lucas woke up, he started asking for ice cream. And when we said we had to wait for Kyla to wake up, he decided to take matters into his own hands and walked down the hall toward their room. When I caught him and didn’t let him open the door, he started screaming. Which did exactly what he wanted to do. Woke Kyla up. Thankfully she woke in a relatively good mood and when we reminded her about the ice cream she perked right up.

We hit up Marble Slab for their reward. Kyla got Sweet Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles (her choices), and Lucas got Birthday Cake with Cookie Dough (Daddy’s influence). Neither of them finished their cones, but it was a lot of ice cream, so I don’t blame them. After making sure no one needed to go to the bathroom, we went over to the mall so they could ride the Carousel. Kyla had been asking to ride one after seeing one in the Kai-lan’s Carnival book. We figured we could accommodate our big girl. 🙂 They had fun riding their first full sized carousel (they rode a small one at their cousin’s Chuck E Cheese birthday party).

Kyla Carousel
Lucas Carousel

Following the carousel we walked around the mall and generally just took up time before dinner. We didn’t think they would eat much after all that ice cream, but they scarfed down an entire order of rice and beans, plus took all of N’s as well! I guess they really ARE big kids!

When we got home we made a new chart. N was a lot more precise about the squares than I was. They wanted to keep their old charts in their room so they could look at the stickers. I heard Lucas counting them before bed. LOL

Oh, and for the record, Kyla is back on track. We still have problems with getting her to poop in the potty, but both kids are doing fabulous at staying dry! I’m so proud of my big kids (that I still want to call my babies)!


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3 responses to “Rewards Chart

  1. Lyzz

    You give me hope for potty training! LOL. Love the idea for a rewards chart, I think my kids would really like that.

  2. LaDonna

    Wow. I am so proud of them! But I really wouldn’t expect any less since they *are* The Dynamic Duo! 🙂

  3. Lori Shugart

    Aw they really are getting to be big kids now! Sounds like things are finally better and the kids are doing well. I am happy for you! They just grow up too fast don’t they at times

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