Tot School- Rainbows

We didn’t do a lot for this week’s Tot Time. Unfortunately, the kids and I got sick and it just wasn’t in me to do much more than stick them in front of the tv (I know, bad Mom). We pretty much played with shapes and that’s about it from Thursday afternoon through Wednesday. Today was the first day we’ve ventured out of the house and that was because it was either that or start eating the science experiments in the back of the fridge. 😉

Anyway, the plan for last week was Rainbows. It was at our house and we really did have a lot of fun that day. It was a short one, since we also went to Gymboree to sign up for Music classes for all four of our toddlers. We’re super excited to start that (though we didn’t get to yesterday like we should have, because of the snottiness).

In the morning I read a few Rainbow books to my kids. Their favorite (one I had to read over and over) was Moonbear’s Skyfire.

Moonbear's Skyfire

Before our friends came I got things ready in my trusty Muffin Tin (they are SO versatile!) and filled it with soap and tempera paint to make Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple paint (see, just the right number of cups!).

When our friends arrived, we headed outside to paint our own rainbows. We put the kids in plain white shirts so we wouldn’t care how messy they got.

Everyone jumped right in to paint and get messy!

My budding artist

He was so proud of the paint on his shirt.

The finished "rainbow."

When interest in painting started to fade I filled the water table with soap and water. Instant clean up!

This was as much fun as the painting!

Bubbles galore!

He wanted to be REALLY clean!

They even ended up washing the muffin tin for me. 🙂

We got to do the whole thing over again with more friends on Thursday. The kids are still talking about rainbows and painting. I think it was a hit!

I’m linking up to Tot School. To see more activities for little ones, visit Tot School.
Tot School


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