Tot School- Random

We didn’t do any formal Tot School this last week because of the potty training. I just didn’t have the energy to do planned activities along with the training. But that certainly doesn’t mean that learning wasn’t happening. Here are some of the things we did:

I tried my hand at a sensory bin. I didn’t go all out. Just some colored rice I had left from another project and some white beans. I gave them spoons, little bowls, and other things to transfer the rice and beans back and forth. I put a blanket under them to catch any spills, but I should have gotten a bigger blanket. Lucas thought it was most fun to just dump it all on the blanket and floor. *sigh* I never realized how twitchy I am about that kind of thing.

sensory play

Sensory Play

It actually rained this week (yea!) and both of the kids enjoyed watching the rain through the window. We talked about rain (and hail) and where it comes from.

Lucas watching the rain

Lucas watching the rain

Kyla watching the rain

Kyla watching the rain

They went digging in their closet (where they shouldn’t be) and found these puzzles I’d completely forgotten we had. To be fair, they were given to us before the kids were even born, so they’ve been in that closet for more than 2 years. Anyway, this is the first time they’ve worked puzzles that didn’t have the picture on the back board to match. I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to do it, but they did great!



Also in that closet is N’s old fire truck from when he was a kid. They had fun playing with it, but really couldn’t operate the ladder on their own and I was afraid they would break it (well, Lucas, specifically) with the way they were playing, so I put it up. We did get out the Thomas train in it’s place, though.

Fire Truck

Daddy's Fire Truck

In an effort to distract someone (I forget which one) from a total melt down, I pulled out some foil for us to play with. It was Lucas’s idea to turn them into hats.

Foil hats

Foil hats

Foil Hats

Foil Hats

It still surprises me how much we do, even when it feels like we’ve done nothing. Every day is a new discovery!

I’m linking up to Tot School. To see more activities for little ones, visit Tot School.
Tot School


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3 responses to “Tot School- Random

  1. I love the foil hats…so silly 🙂

  2. You won the third place Wilton prize package with cookie cutters and two muffin tins. Please send me your address and I will get your prize to you.

    jdaniel4smom at aol dot com.

  3. Jenny

    I like the foil hats too! I’ll have to try that next time my little one is heading for a meltdown.

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