Eating Adventures- September Week 2

Well, even though the week felt forever long, I did not get my goal accomplished for this past week. I did not have the kids help me cook. Heck, I barely felt like cooking at all, so they should just be glad I fed them. 😉 As a matter of fact, I only cooked 3 days last week. Which is unusual for me. I try to cook 5-6 days each week, depending on what we have going on (And generally the days I don’t cook we have leftovers). I didn’t even do a Muffin Tin Meal, even though I’d planned to.

I hope to be better this week. I’ve gotten Lucas to sleep all night in his bed 2 nights in a row (praying of a third!), so we’re all starting to feel more human again. We had a great Tot Time today (post to come later this week), and I have plans for other activities for us to try throughout the week. I am determined to get back to our regularly scheduled lives! Thanks for all the words of encouragement, advice, prayers, and sympathy. It’s nice to know people care!


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