Beautiful sleep!

I finally got some last night!!! N’s wonderful aunt and grandmother agreed to watch the kids overnight while we went out with friends. I went to bed around 11 and didn’t wake up (except once to go to the bathroom, of course) until 8:30! I can’t remember the last time I slept that late. Seriously. Even the few times the kids have stayed over somewhere else it was because we had to get up early the next day to go do something. I texted D this morning and she said they slept all night. Not sure how putting them down went, but I’m sure I’ll get the details when I go get them at lunch.

Is it bad that I’m not missing them? That I’m enjoying the quiet? True, I’ve been working on things for them (finally finding time to prepare materials for next week’s Tot Time), but to be able to do it without interruption has been so nice. I don’t think I’d be feeling this way if we’d had a better week. I pray that things improve soon. Otherwise, I might go a bit crazy (or crazier, as N would say).



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2 responses to “Beautiful sleep!

  1. flossie1983

    I don’t think anyone could blame you for enjoying the break after what you’ve been going through. Glad the rest has left you feeling better 🙂

  2. Definitely enjoy the quiet!!! With two year olds you don’t get it very often.

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