Eating Adventures- September week 1

Okay, so here’s my first weekly post about our Eating Adventures. Doing pretty good! The kids helped with dinner last Thursday and I also tried something new!

Here’s what the kids helped cook:

Spaghetti Hotdogs

Spaghetti Hotdogs

This is how we made them:

Spaghetti Hotdogs pre-boil

Dry spaghetti stuck through the hotdog slices before boiling.

Showing off

They were proud of their work!

I didn’t get a picture of them actually poking the spaghetti through the hotdogs because I was busy helping (and keeping them from eating the hotdogs!). After the noodles were cooked they ate quite a bit, but didn’t like that the noodles were in the hotdogs. Lucas ripped them out himself, but Kyla wouldn’t eat them until N pulled them out for her.

That night I had a meeting at a restaurant and the person sitting next to me had a bowl of these:



I have always pushed them aside, assuming I would not like them because they are peppers. But keeping in mind my desire to try new things, I asked if I could try one. It was pretty yummy!

Now I need to think of what the kids will help me with this week!

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One response to “Eating Adventures- September week 1

  1. Pizza! My son LOVES helping make Pizza. He does everything. He helps kneed the dough, squish it on the pan, spread the sauce with a spoon, sprinkle cheese, and toss on toppings. It takes me a long time to actually get the pizza made but he loves it, and actually eats it!!!

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