Eating adventures

Ever since the kids started eating the foods we eat (we did Baby Led Weaning, so that’s been almost 20 months now) I’ve tried to make an effort to eat (or at least try) a variety of vegetables. I figure they’ll never try it if I don’t offer it and you never know what they’ll like. If they don’t see me trying it, they won’t either. I have also been making an effort to try things I *think* I don’t like. See, there are a lot of foods that I didn’t like as a kid and therefore have not had them in my adult life. I discovered several years ago that I actually like tomatoes now, even though they were “disgusting” to me as a child. So I do know that my taste buds have changed, it’s just a matter of getting past the “I don’t like it” mentality.

On Saturday I decided to buy a three pack of bell peppers; red, yellow, and orange. I did not have a plan for them, I just decided to try them, despite my long aversion to bell peppers. I sliced them, poured a little Ranch (after all, if it’s really bad, maybe I can drown the taste, right?), and ate them raw. I gave the kids a slice of each as well (cut in half, so they had 6 pieces each). To my surprise, I actually liked them! And even more to my amazement, Kyla did too! I had to convince her to try them, but once she did she ate every piece on her plate. Lucas tried them too and didn’t make a face, but he didn’t finish them either. The next day I had some more for a snack (trying, desperately to set a healthy example!) and the kids ate half of them!

N looked at us all like we were a little nuts. I explained to him that my taste had changed for tomatoes, so I wanted to see if they had changed for peppers. He decided to take a taste as well and was surprised to not be totally grossed out (though I noticed he hasn’t gone for any more since).

I also want my kids to be involved in making their food. I haven’t been so good about this. I tend to think it would be easier/faster/cleaner if I just do it myself. But I know that they can only learn if I give them the opportunity. I have had them make their own pizzas before (and will again this week), and Kyla helped me make potato salad while her brother slept, but that’s really all they’ve done. Today Lucas slept an hour longer than Kyla and while he slept I had Kyla help me make sushi (a craving I’ve been having). Don’t worry, we weren’t using raw fish, just fake crab, cream cheese, and a variety of veggies. Kyla helped pour the rice and water into the rice cooker, “helped” peel the carrots, stirred the sushi vinegar mixture on the stove and then into the rice, and helped spread the rice on the nori. She really wanted to use the knife, but I was not comfortable with that. She didn’t eat any of the sushi once it was made, but she did eat several of the ingredients as we worked. When Lucas woke up he enjoyed watching Daddy make a roll and eating the rice from the bowl. He was not happy when I moved the chair back to the table and he couldn’t see up on the counters anymore.

I have a goal for September. I want to try at least one new food (preferably a fruit or vegetable) every month (more would be nice, but I’m trying to be realistic) and have the kids help cook a meal at least once per week. I will post about our Eating Adventures here. And in the future I’ll try to have my camera handy! LOL



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2 responses to “Eating adventures

  1. Lori Shugart

    I’m impressed Nicole!

  2. Drew loves to help me make scrambled eggs. I’ve started letting him crack eggs (I get it started and he does the rest) then he mixes. I’ve had to pick a lot of shells out of the eggs but he’s getting better. It’s so much fun to cook with kids, but messy and slow, oh and did I mention messy 🙂

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