Tot School- Travel style

We didn’t have any formal Tot School this week because the twins and I headed down south for a visit. It was finally time for us to meet the new twins in the family! We left Monday morning and arrived at Grandma’s house around 2:30. We decided to wait for the next day before descending upon my sister and her brood. She had a meeting with some students at 1:00, so she asked us to wait until after she had picked up her older son (W) from school before coming over. In the mean time, Kyla and Lucas got to check out all the cool toys at Grandma’s house!

By far the favorite (for them and for me!) was this set of Magna Tiles. Lucas was instantly infatuated with linking the tiles together, creating an array of “kites” as he called them.

Lucas and his "kite"

Lucas's Kite

Kyla was mostly interested in the squares. She would stack them, then line them up, then stack them, then line them up… She was so intent that I don’t think she said a word for at least 20 minutes (a record for my girl!).

Kyla and her squares

Kyla's squares

Unfortunately, the trip had to end abruptly when my baby boy developed a fever on Wednesday afternoon. 😦 We ended up heading home Thursday morning so I could take him to the doctor and N could offer a little backup (Not that my mom didn’t want to help. Neither kid wanted to let her). We’ll try visiting again and pray for no sickies!

By Friday Grandma had already sent them their very own set of Magna Tiles! They arrived that evening and we bribed them to clean up all their other toys so they could play with these. Once again, they were instantly enthralled. And this time, when Daddy got in on the action, Lucas started working on building 3D figures. That’s my boy!

Building a house

Building a house with Daddy


The pyramid Lucas built (mostly) by himself!

Kyla still loves the squares. πŸ˜‰

Kyla's squares

Kyla's squares

The tiles were the first thing they wanted to play with when they woke up on Saturday morning. Only breakfast convinced them to stop playing for a little while. Then Daddy hid them while I took them to the grocery store. We don’t want them to lose their appeal (or get any pieces lost!) by leaving them out all the time. Though I’m sure we’ll play with them frequently, if not every day.

On Saturday we needed to get food for the dogs, so the whole family decided take a field trip to PetSmart (with a stop for Frozen Yogurt along the way, of course). The kids had so much fun looking at the animals. We weren’t sure if we were going to get them out of the store!

We’ve continued to emphasize the colors all around us and both of the kids are quick to point out the colors they see, even before we ask. I’m amazed that all it took was focusing on a few colors (we’ve only done red, green, and blue) and suddenly they know all of the basics (red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, white, black, brown, and even pink). Every now and then they’ll just call out a color without actually looking at an object. I think they’re getting tired of being asked! And I’ve even had Kyla ask me what color something is a time or two. Not because she didn’t know the answer, but because she wanted to praise me when I got it right! LOL πŸ˜€

To see more activities for little ones, visit Tot School.
Tot School


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  1. Those tiles look really cool and it sounds like you nailed it with your color tot school!! Sorry your little guy had a fever 😦

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