Quilt finished

I’ve been working on a wall quilt for my nephews’ nursery for the last couple of months. I’ll admit I could have gotten it done faster if I had not gotten frustrated and taken a break for nearly two weeks in the middle of the embroidery process. The embroidery was what took the most time. It wasn’t difficult, just time consuming, especially when I could only work on it at nap times. I like how it turned out. Though I always wish I’d done something a little better.





I’m slightly annoyed that I didn’t notice until after I’d purchased the designs that all the letters are capital except “a” and “i.” What’s up with that?! Doesn’t make sense to me. I realize in the grand scheme of things it’s probably not a big deal, but it’s still annoying.

I took it down to my sister when we went down for a visit. Good thing I gave it to her the first day I saw her, since we didn’t get to stay (more on that later)!

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  1. Lyzz

    I think it looks awesome:) Great Job!!!

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