Muffin Tin Monday- Color Green

This past week we focused on the color Green. Lucas is still calling everything red (though he seems to have picked up the color orange, somehow), but Kyla seems to have caught on for the most part. We ended up having two muffin tin meals this week. The first one was planned.

Muffin Tin Meal- Green

Green Peppers, Green Grapes, Cucumber sticks, Avocado-sour cream dip, Green Beans, Romaine Lettuce

Kyla was mostly interested in the avocado dip (I gave them chips as well) and didn’t eat much else. Amazingly, she actually did eat the green peppers, though! Lucas ate all of his grapes, plus some of Kyla’s as well. He also ate his green beans (always a hit for him). The rest he ate a little of, but didn’t finish them.

The second one was impromptu. Partially green, but not entirely. (Lucas was really anxious to eat, so I had to take the picture while they were eating.)

Impromptu Tin

Olives, Cucumbers/carrot stick/green peppers, Green Grapes, Ranch dip, Roast Beef, Black Beans

Lucas scarfed it all down and asked for more, though, so I’m glad I threw it together. Kyla’s still in a phase where she only eats one meal really well and it was not lunch (dinner of rice and refried beans, on the other hand, was a hit). She did eat the olives and grapes, though.

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2 responses to “Muffin Tin Monday- Color Green

  1. Love the green tin. If my girl ate a little of each of that many green vegetables, I’d be pretty happy! :o)

  2. Green foods sure look yummy!

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