Watched Pot or Ticking Time Bomb?

At 6 o’clock this morning my sister was taken off all meds and they are letting her body do what it’s going to do. So now it’s a waiting game. There’s no telling if it will be a couple of hours, days, or even weeks. Though, if she makes it weeks the doc has scheduled her for a c-section on August 12th (38 weeks). I know she’s got to be both excited and worried about what is to come. Continue to pray that those babies are fully developed when they come and there will be NO NICU time!


Filed under doctor's appts., Faith, family, Parenting, pregnancy, waiting

2 responses to “Watched Pot or Ticking Time Bomb?

  1. So glad to hear they are almost fully baked. I’m excited to see pics!

  2. I’m so excited for their arrival! I’m sure those little boys are just perfect, they’ve had so many prayers said for them.

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