Ear tubes, take two

Today was the day. Last night I left Kyla at D’s house and things went surprisingly well. I told Kyla goodnight, gave her a kiss (our usual “fish kiss-Eskimo kiss-butterfly kiss” combo), and told her to tell Lucas goodbye. Everything was great until I walked out the door and she went nuts. However, it must not have lasted terribly long, since I got a text from D saying she was out by 8:30. I was shocked at how easily Lucas went to sleep (in his own bed!). No arguments whatsoever and only one inquiry as to where Kyla was. He did wake once and need to be settled, but that had nothing to do with Kyla being gone.

Surgery was set for 7:30, so we had to be at the hospital at 6:00. I set my alarm for 4:30 to make sure I had time to get myself and everything else ready. Unfortunately, *someone* played with my clock radio the other day and I didn’t check it before I went to sleep. I never heard the alarm. At 5:10 N woke me up and said “What time did you set your alarm for?” When I said “4:30” he said “Um, it’s after five.” I shot out of bed and into the shower faster than you can blink! In record time I was showered and dressed (even with makeup) by 5:30. I got a few things together for the diaper bag while N showered, then took a diaper into L’s room so I could change him. He didn’t even wake up while I changed his diaper (though he did roll onto his stomach, making it a little more difficult). I got him all the way to the car before he stirred. At which point he told me “night-night” and pointed back to his room. Even though he wasn’t happy about being taken out of bed before he was ready, he handled it amazingly well. I think he may have asked for Kyla once or twice, but was satisfied with our answer of “She’s night-night at D’s house.” It wasn’t until right before they gave him the versed that N mentioned her name and he went nuts. Thankfully the versed kicked in and he was mellow as could be.

They took him back right at 7:30 and N and I took the opportunity to eat a breakfast bar, go to the bathroom, grab a cup of coffee (N) or tea (me), and read a little bit. The doctor came in and let us know that everything went well and that there was a lot of thick fluid in his ears and that his adenoids had been blocking 50% of his Eustachian tubes, so it was definitely the right thing to get this done (always a good thing to hear). He said Lucas was in recovery and they’d be bringing him in 10-15 minutes, when he started to wake up.

We heard Lucas crying before he was even on our hallway and both of us jumped up and waited at the door. Just like last time, he was not happy at all and making sure everyone on the floor knew it. 😦 He mostly wanted N to hold him, but only if he was standing (which was killing his back). His cry sounded as if he was gargling, so the nurse brought some tubing to try to suck out some of the gunk. N got the fun task of putting the tubing in Lucas’s mouth and to the back of his throat while I tried my best to hold his head still. Thankfully we did get some out and he started sounding much better (though still crying). Lucas was very much irritated by the IV in his hand, so it was a relief when the nurse took it out (though it left quite a bruise). Lucas really wanted to leave the little room, so N said he had to stop crying. With effort, he did, and N took a walk in the hallway with him. Any time N attempted to head back towards the room, though, he’d start crying again. They had given him some hydrocodone (well, they brought it and I gave it to him), so they were trying to wait and make sure he didn’t have an adverse reaction, but said that if we felt comfortable leaving early we could. Since N knows what to watch for, we chose to leave. At which point he started pointing towards the room and wanting to go back. We thought he might have said Kyla’s name, but had no idea what his problem was. He didn’t want to get into the car and kept straining to go back to the hospital. It made no sense.

We finally got him in the car and he settled down and fell asleep. Or at least, we thought. When I pulled into a drive through to get some food for N and me he started crying and saying “no.” When we pulled away, he settled back down. I was afraid he’d start up again when we stopped to drop off his antibiotic prescription, but he stayed asleep. He woke up when we got home, though, and started asking for Kyla. He didn’t settle down until we offered to watch “Kachow” (Cars). While he watched I let him have a Popsicle.

About halfway through the movie I decided to go get Kyla. I made the mistake of telling Lucas and he decided he wanted to go too, even turning off the tv (which I didn’t know he knew how to do). Then I made the mistake of asking if he wanted Daddy to come too (he did). So all three of us loaded into the car and went to get Kyla. She was definitely happy to see all of us. D said she woke twice, but otherwise did well. After being in the car for a few minutes though, she said “night-night” and closed her eyes. I thought she was teasing, but seconds later I hear snoring! I wonder if she did a bit of tossing and turning like I did last night.

At home we finished watching Cars and fed them lunch (Ramen noodles and Popsicles. Yep, we’re healthy!). When Cars finished, we told them it was time to go to bed. They were resistant, but thankfully are now both sleeping. Lucas has spent the day alternating between fussy, dazed, and okay. I’m hoping this afternoon we will see more of the okay than anything else.

I wonder if he’ll now have better enunciation, since he’ll be able to hear better. It’s not that he doesn’t know a lot of words, they’re just not always easy to understand (compared to Kyla). I just hope this is the last set of tubes we have to put in so we don’t have to go through this again!


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