Good news

Slowly but surely my sister is growing those babies to be big and strong when they are born. Today they did another ultrasound to see how they were progressing. At their estimate Baby A is just under 5 pounds and Baby B is a little over 6 pounds. This is helping us feel much more comfortable about their impending arrival. Right now the OB is not sure if she’ll stop the magnesium on Friday (36 weeks) or Saturday. Then it will be up to The Boys and God to decide on their birth day. I’m getting excited to meet my nephews now that we’re looking at a lower possibility of NICU time. I’m super proud of my sister for toughing it out and making it so long in the hospital. I know it hasn’t been easy and there were times when she was not sure she could last any longer, but she’s been in such better spirits as we’ve gotten closer. She is going to have SO much to hold over their heads! LOL 😉 I truly believe that all of this was possible because of all the prayers being said for them. God sure does hear us!

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