Talent so soon!

My kids amaze me every day. (And yes, they frustrate me every day as well, but we’re going to focus on the positive for this post.) Lately they’ve both been developing little talents that make me wonder about their future and what activities they may be interested in as they get older.


One of Lucas’s current favorite activities is to flip off of furniture. Yes, you read that right. Flip off of furniture. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Now, don’t go picturing him standing on the edge of a table, leaping into the air, and doing a full turn before landing on his feet. No, not quite that talented (yet). What he does is lay down on his back on a chair, sofa, or coffee table with his head hanging off, then slide himself off so his head hits the ground, then swings his legs over to complete the flip. Can we say Gymnast? Oh, and of course, whatever Lucas does, Kyla has to do. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Kyla has gotten really into music and singing lately. She asks for songs specifically (though she does have her own titles for each of them) and wants to listen to them over and over again (I think I mentioned this in a previous post). She will now sing the songs on her own. Yesterday she sang “Patty Cake” all the way through, by herself. Of course, it sounded more like “Pat-pat Man. Cake. Woll it, pick it, ma’k B! Me!” But I could figure out what she was singing easily! LOL Also, she’s able to pick out her favorite songs when they come on by just the first few notes and will get so excited. It’s so cute. Can we say singer? Lucas sings too, but not quite to the recognizable level Kyla has been lately.


One of their favorite shows right now is Fresh Beat Band on Nick Jr. Every episode ends with the same song, in which the characters do the same dance. The last week or so they have been trying to imitate these dance moves. I really hope to get it on video at some point, because it’s quite adorable! It makes me want to put them in dance classes even more than I already did! So what if it’s only so I can live vicariously. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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