25 Months

Yesterday was the twins’ 25 month birthday. I’m trying to figure out if I’m still going to do monthly updates like I have been. Seems kind of funny the older they get, but at the same time I love going back to read how far they advanced in just one short month. So for now, I’m going to stick with it, but might change it up a little. Instead of going through all the categories I’d had before, I’ll just highlight some of the big changes in them. Shorter posts for me to write, and shorter posts for you to read! It’s win-win.

First of all, the language skills have exploded! I remember at the one year mark mobility and walking were the big explosion. They’ve got that down pat now, and have moved on to talking. It’s absolutely amazing how almost over night they’ve started speaking in sentences almost exclusively. And their words (especially Kyla’s) have become much more understandable. At least, to us. LOL If you’re not around them all the time you might not realize that “molt” is really “milk,” that “Taya” is really “Kyla,” and that “Duta” is really “Lucas.” 😉 We’re really trying to emphasize to them when they get upset to calm down and use their words so we can help them. Not sure how well that’s working with Lucas, but at least we’re trying.

They are also learning how to put things “way” (away). The other night they’d made a total mess of the house (as usual) and I just didn’t look forward to picking it all up after they went to bed. So I told them “We can watch Umizoomi after everything is put away” (yes, I bribed my children). They got really excited about watching one of their favorite shows (we only let them watch a few things) and immediately started putting toys where they belonged. And they were right! Apparently they do know where things should be, they just choose not to do anything about it. Today when we were playing as they’d ask me to get out something else (toys that are in ziplocks to keep the pieces together) I would tell them I wouldn’t open it until they put away the last thing they played with. Kyla’s really catching on. Lucas, not so much.

This morning I was really proud of them (and us parents!). We spent almost the entire morning playing with educational toys together. It started out because N was on the phone (trying to lower our cable bill) and I was trying to keep them from whining at the door to our bedroom (where N went to escape for some “quiet”). I brought out the shape sorters and we sat and played with those together for a good 15 minutes or so. Even after N finished with the cable company! Then they wanted to play with their Pop’em Pals (I think that’s what they are called), so I opened that and they played with those, asking for help when they needed it, for another 15 or so minutes. Throughout the morning we played with their magnetic dress up dolls, lacing cards, stringing beads, books, and a cheerios interactive book from the library. They’re very interested in how to use each of the toys the way they are intended, even if they aren’t quite able to do them yet (particularly the lacing cards and stringing beads). I really need to be better about spending time with them this way every day. It may keep me from getting everything I think I need to do done, but it makes for a much more pleasant day AND they learn so much more! I know that my friend and I plan to start Tot School in August, but I really want to start doing more activities with them myself. Yes, I like that we get out of the house almost every day, but I think there’s a lot to be said for staying home and finding quiet ways to play and build skills.

Car rides are becoming very interesting. Now that they are forward facing (switched them right before their birthday), they are noticing a lot of things on the road and pointing them out. Cars, “bikes” (motorcycles), cows, lights, etc. When Lucas started pointing out lights I began talking to them about the colors of the lights and what they mean. Now as soon as they see a traffic light they start telling me what color it is (they mostly get it right, but not always). I ask them “what do I have to do?” and they’ll say “‘top!” or “GO!” (with about a 50% accuracy 😉 ). It’s been so cute!

And they’re now starting to sing along to the radio! They do it at home too. Kyla is particularly interested in learning the words to songs. She has several favorites and asks me to play them over and over again. I can almost see the gears working in her brain to memorize the words. 🙂 Right now she loves “Piggy Doink-Doink Bah!” as she calls it. It’s actually “Perfect Piggies” by Sandra Boynton. If you’ve never read a book by Boynton, you’re missing out! And we recently discovered her music (many of the songs are also books), which even I love to listen to. Sadly, Perfect Piggies is not on any of her CDs, but it is available for free download from her publisher’s website. So whenever she asks for “Doink-Doink Bah” I have to pull out my computer. I really wish my CD burner was working so I could just put all of their favorite songs onto one CD and keep that in the car. Maybe I can get N to do it sometime. Oh, and Lucas is now singing songs on his own. Today I heard him singing “Great Day” from Fresh Beat Band. LOL And their dancing is so adorable!

The last two weeks we’ve managed to make it to the library for story time. It’s interesting to see how the two of them react so differently. You can tell Lucas absolutely loves it. He’s completely absorbed in what the librarian is doing/saying. He participates throughout the entire program and does not get distracted. Kyla, on the other hand, will pay attention, but doesn’t really participate a lot in the beginning. She’ll go from sitting on the floor, to wanting my lap, to wanting to stand. She just doesn’t stay still. She’s not causing a problem, so I’m not worried about it, but I find it odd that she’s the one that can’t sit still. Of course, Lucas has also become the one that will go off on his own and “read” a book by himself. Kyla still brings them to us most of the time. I’m just glad they both love books! Even if they have been fighting over them lately.

While we’ve had our up and down days (yes, there are still days I go to bed crying because I feel like the worst mother in the world), I absolutely adore my kids and am fascinated by all they do. Writing these updates really helps to remind me of that when they skip nap or bite their brother for no reason (not that that happened the last few days or anything 😉 ). I really am a very lucky girl!

***Okay, so maybe that wasn’t all that much shorter. Sorry!***


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