No news is good news

Or at least, that’s the moto I’m adopting for now. I didn’t talk to my mom at all yesterday, so I’m assuming all is going well with my sister. I do know she’s extremely upset that she does not have control over anything going on, particularly in regards to her 4 year old son. Her husband keeps doing things with him that she doesn’t want him to do. She’s stressed, to say the least. My sister is a total type A personality. She likes planning and control. Two things she cannot have right now, thanks to “the boys” as I’ve been calling them (last I heard, they still haven’t decided on names). I hate to say it, but I think this is God’s way of teaching her to let go a little. And perhaps to teach her husband to be a bit less selfish. Though, I’m not overly hopeful that either will really absorb the lesson (don’t tell anyone I said that). I continue to pray for all of them. And I’ve got them on every prayer list I know. I have complete Faith that the Lord is watching over them and will see this to its best conclusion. While I pray that the boys need as little NICU time as possible, I also know that if they do spend time there, He will be watching over them there as well.

Interestingly, this event has brought up the subject of Faith with my family more than any other. I know that I’ve been growing stronger in my Faith lately and am unsure of where my mom or sister’s beliefs lie. I’ve brought up prayer and Faith in the Lord many times in my conversations with them and they say they agree. But I don’t know if my sister knows how to give her fears over to the Lord. Heck, sometimes I don’t know how! But in this, I am fully relying on Him. He will see us through this and we will love the boys through it all. Isn’t it interesting how He can use something so frightening to bring us closer to Him?

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  1. I often find it interesting how things in faith work themselves out. My family didn’t have a church since moving here. I had a million excuses, I didn’t know the area, the churches weren’t family friendly, they were too formal and stuffy, they were too far away, then one was built really close to my house and it looked good. Very modern almost non-denominational feel which is what I wanted, may kids activities for all ages. But I never went. Later in the fall they had a pumpkin event for kids but I didn’t sign up, the day before a friend gave me some free passes she had gotten someplace but she attends a different church. I still didn’t go. Then at Christmas my mom ordered me a book from Amazon, well by accident I received the wrong book which happened to be a children’s first bible. I really thought that someone was trying to tell me to just go to church, but I didn’t listen. Finally I stumbled upon a blog called my three rivers and guess what the name of the church is I was debating on joining…Three Rivers Church. There were just too many signs to ignore now. God is persistent, he will make sure the right thing happens.

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