Another sister update

This morning she was told that she will be staying in the hospital on bed rest until the babies are born. We all pray that will be another few weeks, at least. The longer they stay baking, the less time they will have to spend in NICU. Thankfully the NICU at her hospital is awesome and I have every confidence that they will take excellent care of my nephews. But no one likes to see a child go through all of that.

My sister has never had to stay in the hospital, except when she had her son. This is going to be very hard on her. Also, her son is not at all happy. He got angry with her last night because she did not pick him up like she’d promised and told her “I’m done talking to you.” It’s breaking her heart. Her husband, thankfully, has gotten a wake up call. He’s staying with her in the hospital, though he is considering getting a hotel room nearby instead because the couch is not at all comfortable for sleeping. My mom and his will be helping to take care of W and staying with my sister when her husband is at work. I wish there was something I could do.

All I can do is pray. I know this is in God’s hands. He knows the best plan, even if it’s not the one we would have chosen. I just pray His plan is for these boys to live long, healthy lives!


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  1. I’ll be praying for those little babies!!

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