Prayers Needed

My sister, as you know, is pregnant with twin boys. She is 31 weeks as of Friday. She’s been feeling bad lately, but didn’t think much of it. Well, she had an appointment today and is 3 cm dilated and apparently having contractions. They’ve got her in the hospital for observation this afternoon and hope to be able to send her home later today, depending on how that goes. I’m pretty sure they’re giving her a steroid shot, and I would guess something to stop the contractions.

My mom and I have been very frustrated because her husband has booked a trip to Germany for July 3-12. We’ve been angry that he even considered it this close to the end. Mom says that the doctor had said she expected her to make it to 38 weeks and we think he must have taken that as gospel. Every time she told him she wasn’t feeling right he would say “You’re not having the babies now.” I swear that man is the most clueless one of the entire gender! Well, at least a close second to his father.

Anyway, pray that she’s able to bake my nephews for at least 6 more weeks and that their idiot father will decide to stay in the country. I appreciate it!


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  1. I will keep her in my prayers. She is very lucky to have you and your mom since it sounds like her husband is not very supportive. Hope to hear a positive update soon.

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