Calmer waters

Now that VBS is over, things are calming down around here. I feel like this whole month was just a whirlwind of activities and I’m certainly ready to breathe a sigh of relief. Oddly, Kyla has not had a terror since Thursday night. I’m grateful, believe me. But it kind of throws off my theory about being over tired… She had to have been tired on Friday. She didn’t nap. Well, no. I take that back. They fell asleep on the couch watching TV (yes, I was being a lazy parent). She did scream once that night, but it only took a few minutes of holding her hand to settle her back down, so I’m not sure if it counts. And the next morning they slept until 7:45! That NEVER happens. I can’t remember the last time they slept past 6:30.

Anyway, we’re getting back into our usual routine. Today we’ll probably meet up with twin friends and spend the afternoon at home. Maybe I’ll even fill the pool with water so they can play out there. It’s nice to not have anything we HAVE to be doing. I felt like, towards the end of the week, I was fighting them when we had to go anywhere.

Tuesday we’ll do a Costco run, Wednesday we may hit the library and my dad and his wife are coming by for a visit, Thursday we have the kids’ 2 year checkup, and Friday we’re going to lunch with friends. While this may sound like a busy week, it’s much more calm that last week was. It’s just the way I like it. Enough activity to break up the day, but not so much that we’re all exhausted.


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