VBS and Night Terrors

I haven’t posted anything this week for two reasons. One, we’ve been doing VBS every day this week, so we’ve been really busy. Two, Kyla has been having night terrors and keeping all of us from sleeping much, so brain function is at a minimum this week.

VBS was interesting. I want to say it was fun, because in some ways it was, but mostly it was exhausting. I forgot how much energy it takes to wrangle first graders. Yes, that was my job at VBS, while the twins were in the nursery. From 9:00-12:30 every day this week I was the “crew leader” for 10 first graders. Three girls and seven boys. Obviously, I knew none of them, since I’ve only been attending this church for a couple of months now and I did not teach in this school district (not that any of them were in school my last year). However, it didn’t take long to figure out their personalities. There was the typical cast of characters. “The Monkey,” “The Pleaser,” “The Clown,” “The Giggler,” “The Shy Guy,” “The Follower,” “The Quiet Observer,” “The Complainer,” “The Helper,” and “The Friend.” I really enjoyed getting to know each and every one of the kids. I don’t know that I’ll ever see any of them again, but I would like to.

I also got to meet several adults, though we didn’t have a lot of opportunity to talk. But I feel like at least now I know a few friendly faces and can work towards getting to know more people in the church community.

And the twins had a lot of fun, I think. I wish I could get more out of them than just “Church. Fun.” when I ask if they had fun. Lucas nearly ran into the nursery each day, which is different from what he had been doing on Sundays. Kyla, on the other hand, was not so enthused. I think that had more to do with the lack of sleep and being totally exhausted than with not liking being there. She was always all smiles when I picked her up. So I don’t think I tortured them too much. I will say that every time I had a slight down moment I was wondering what they were doing. And I wanted so much to sneak a peek each day at break, but knew that if they saw me it would make them go nuts when I didn’t take them with me, so I restrained myself. I know I signed up for this to give the kids time away from me, but it is killer to feel like I’m missing out on a chunk of their day. This trying to be a good parent thing can be tough!

And now for the night terrors…

Every night since Monday Kyla has been waking up (or not really waking) screaming. Nothing we do calms her down, and it’s more like when we try to comfort her she screams more. It generally takes 45 minutes or more to settle her down. And poor Lucas is losing sleep too because she wakes him up. Several times he’s groggily said “Ky-ya, stop.” 😦 I feel so sorry for him. I assume that her terrors are mostly due to being so exhausted from VBS (8:30-12:40 is a long time to play so hard when you’re 2) and can only pray that things will get better as we return to our normal routine. On Tuesday night I think I got maybe 2 hours of sleep, total. On Wednesday night N was sweet enough to take the monitor and let me sleep the whole night. He says she was up several times, but not as bad as Tuesday. Last night she went nuts at 9:30, then again around midnight. N ended up sleeping on the floor in their room the rest of the night. 😦 And today they had barely settled down for nap when someone started a lawn mower and all hope of a nap flew out the window. Later in the afternoon they fell asleep watching TV. Which means that we’re having trouble getting them to go to bed this evening. *sigh*

They have their 2 year checkup (yes, it’s really late) on Thursday. I plan to talk to the doctor and see what she has to suggest. But hopefully things will have settled down by then. (Please, Lord!)


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One response to “VBS and Night Terrors

  1. Sorry about those night terrors. I went through a spell with Drew where I thought he might be having them. He would just wake up screaming and there was nothing I could do, I just had to wait it out and he would fall back to sleep. I think it was for about 2 months and then it was over just as quick as it started. I still don’t know what was going on. Good Luck!

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