Party Wrap-up (finally)

I had planned to type up something about the twins’ birthday party sooner than now, but life (as usual) got in the way.

Friday N and I spent the entire day shopping for and prepping food. The kids weren’t too happy about that, but the sitter we’d lined up to watch them that day tore her meniscus and had to back out. We spent WAY too much money on food and really over estimated how much we would need (as usual). Next year I say we order pizza. πŸ˜‰

Friday night was rough. Lucas woke up around 4:30 with a raging fever. I gave him Tylenol and brought him to our bed, but he was not interested in sleeping. We ended up turning on Wonder Pets for him to watch, just to calm him down. Once Kyla was awake we put in Cars so we could get a few more things done. I took Lucas to the family practice N and I go to (the pediatrician’s phone message didn’t list Saturday hours, but I’ve since found out they are open on Saturdays) and found out that it was “just” an ear infection and we were okay to continue with the party plans. I’m ashamed to admit that the kids watched Cars twice and Toy Story once by the time we put them down for a nap.

My mom and nephew arrived around 12:30, just as we were finishing up lunch. Kyla didn’t nap at all, but thankfully Lucas slept for about an hour and a half, waking as the guests began to arrive. He definitely needed it. We kept him pumped with Tylenol and Motrin (alternating) to keep his fever down and help him be less cranky. He wasn’t a happy camper at the beginning or end of the party, but he did enjoy a nice chunk of it in the middle.

We got a kiddie pool for the back yard and several of the little guests really enjoyed it, along with the bubble machine MIL brought. The adult guests (that weren’t watching the kids) sat in the house visiting. I felt bad that I wasn’t able to talk with more people for longer chunks, but I’m sure no one was offended (at least I hope!).

Along with family, the guest list included LD and her family (minus the step-kids), two twin-mom friends (and their twins), and some of N’s friends and former coworkers (some with their kids). Our original RSVP list was 40 people! However, “only” 33 came. And 12 of those were under the age of 13.

We had to coax the kids into the house to get them to open presents so people could feel free to leave if they wanted to. They got quite a haul, as I expected. I’m glad I cleaned out the play room! I’m still not sure where we’ll put it all. And thankfully, people looked at the wish list I’d made for the twins, so many of the items are going to be great for Tot School! Right now I still have all the presents in the living room so they aren’t mixed up with their older toys. We’re having a play date here at the house tomorrow and I figured it would be fun to have the “new” toys out to play with. Though I also expect to spend some time out in the water.

Instead of giving out traditional party favors (which always seem to be choking hazards), I decided to make some I Spy beanbags. I got the idea from here. This is the final product:

I Spy Bag

(there was also one with bees on a green background with yellow rice)

And this is what they were filled with:

Bag fillings

Not every bag had these exact colors, but they all contained these ten items.

I think they turned out well and the kids seemed to like them.

After most of the guests had left, MIL was SO kind and did the dishes for us. πŸ™‚ One less thing for us to do to clean up. Actually, clean up wasn’t too bad, considering. Now if I can just get it to stay relatively clean for play group tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

My mom and nephew stayed through Monday morning. It was fun seeing the three cousins play together. Though for some reason my nephew prefers to play with Kyla. He’ll call to her from the other room, but if Lucas follows he gets upset. He’s always been like this and it completely baffles me. Lucas seems to be fascinated by W and watches him so he can imitate what he does.

As for my sick boy, he had two more rough nights and ended up sleeping in bed with us for part of both nights. Last night was the first time he slept the whole night in his own bed. It’s been rough on all of us. Poor Lucas fell asleep in his high chair at lunch yesterday and in the shopping cart at the grocery store today! I’m so ready for him to feel better, and I’m sure he is too. I’m going to be making an appointment with the ENT to see if we need to replace the tube that has worked its way out. I am pretty sure this is the third ear infection since discovering it wasn’t in place.

Over all, the party was a success, but I think we need to scale back for the future. Of course, it’s hard trimming the guest list when you have so many family members, but perhaps we can find an alternative way to feed the masses.

I want to apologize for not having more pictures. I was so busy playing host, I didn’t take a single one! The pictures I do have were taken by my uncle or my friend that borrowed a memory card because she’d left hers at home.



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3 responses to “Party Wrap-up (finally)

  1. Tera

    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAT Lucas and Kyla!!!

    Love from your friend Ainsleigh

  2. very cute! i just rediscovered your blog. πŸ™‚ i’ve got you on my blog roll now so i won’t miss any more. although, i’ve got you under my ‘people i follow but don’t know’, but that seems remiss because i feel like we have been together since the birth of our twins. πŸ™‚ if only you didn’t live so far away.

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