Happy Birthday- 2 Years

**I wrote this last night, but our network went down right before I hit “submit.” So it says “tomorrow” but really it’s today!**

Wow. My babies are two years old. Okay, technically it’s tomorrow, but I figure we’ll be a tad busy and I won’t get to make a post then. It’s so hard to believe that two years ago today N and I were in Oklahoma trying to get some sleep on a bed and cot in the tiniest hospital room I’ve ever seen, knowing we would be holding our babies the next day. It was certainly difficult to sleep.

And the next day was such an emotional day. I cannot even explain just how amazing meeting our children was. So tiny and frail. Holding them for the first time was simply amazing and scary at the same time. Suddenly we were parents. And our hearts were (and are) more full than they ever were before.

And now, two years later, they are such little people. So full of personality and spunk. They amaze me every day and fill our hearts with so much love. N and I couldn’t stop giving them kisses tonight as we put them to bed. And all the fights and time outs from the day slipped away as we heard the most special people in our lives tell us “uvoo” (love you).

So what’s the latest from the dynamic duo (as LD calls them)?

Language & Communication

I can’t even count the number of words they have in their vocabularies. Granted, most of the time we need to have some sort of context to figure out what they’re saying, but they are becoming much more clear as each week passes. And they are definitely trying to speak in sentences. And not just 2 word sentences. Sometimes they string together 3-4 words. They still use some signs occasionally too. It cracked me up when Lucas was clearly trying to communicate something to my sister and she had no clue what he was saying. Turns out he was trying to show her where the toy she was looking for had ended up. I said “What? You don’t speak Lucasese?” 😉

Gross Motor

We’ve been working on the throwing and Lucas is definitely trying. Though he doesn’t get it very far, he’s doing better. I blew up a beach ball today and we played with it by throwing it, rolling it, and kicking it. I’d tell them which one to do and they’d do it. It was cute. Also, Kyla’s favorite thing to do lately is play Ring Around the Rosie, which is adorable.

Fine Motor

They are really enjoying coloring and using stickers lately. A few times we’ve cleared the breakfast or lunch dishes from the table and brought out the colors, at Kyla’s request. I let them play with stickers a few times too, which really is just them taking stickers off a sheet and putting them randomly onto a piece of paper. But it works on the pincher grip, so it’s useful. Except after he sticks them all on the paper, Lucas likes to pull them back off and then they don’t stick anymore and we end up with stickers all over the place.


When I type up these monthly updates I reread the previous month’s post so I don’t repeat something from before. I can’t believe how much they learn each month. Not only are they still recognizing O and D, Kyla pointed to an exit sign the other day and said “T.” And she can point out 1 and 2 as well. She still tends to say “1, 2. 1, 2.” if we aren’t helping her count, but I know she can get to 5 if she tries. Lucas has started to count as well. And we’ve taught them to say “two” when we ask them how old they will be tomorrow. 😉

I’ve realized that I am doing Tot School like activities with them frequently, I just don’t plan them in advance. I do what feels right at the time. My friend and I have discussed doing Tot School together with our 4 kids. We’re going to start when the school year starts in August and we’ll take turns as to who plans the activities. We’re both really excited. I’m going to try to come up with a loose theme plan for us to follow for August and September so we can start planning activities and pulling things together. I figure the sooner we start planning the easier it will be to get it all together. I can’t wait to see what we come up with!


While they are both still very comfortable with our friends and family, Kyla has recently gotten clingy and shy. Which is weird for her. On Thursday we went out to breakfast and when one of the waitresses tried to talk to her she covered her eyes and tried to hide. She wouldn’t come out until I told her that the waitress was gone. She did it several other times too. I assume it’s a phase and she’ll get over it soon.

Oh, and we went to Chuck E. Cheese on Sunday for their cousin’s birthday and they both freaked out when the big mouse came out. I guess I don’t get to take them to Disney any time soon after all. 😦

After talking to a fellow M.O.M. who is a twin herself, I’m realizing that we need to give them time apart more often. Right now the only times they are apart are when one or the other is sick and I can leave the well one home with N while I take the other to the doctor. Mom offered to buy us a 3rd car seat to have for N’s car so we could each take one. I think we may take her up on that offer so they can have one-on-one time with us, and also so they can learn how to be more independent of one another.


I still find it interesting how different my kids are with eating than my sister’s son. She has to bargain with him to get him to eat. And while I do a little of that (like telling Kyla she has to eat more burger before I’ll give her more fries), it’s rare that we have those battles. But honestly, I have been awful about feeding them crap lately. Of course, that was mostly because of traveling (we just got back from out of town), but I’m going to have to get us back on track.


There were 5 days in a row that they did not nap. And boy was that exhausting! It was because we weren’t at home, but it sucked anyway. Thank goodness they napped today or there would have been major issues. I am NOT ready for no naps, that’s for darn sure. Honestly, sleep in general was pretty sucky while we were out of town. On Saturday night Kyla woke up every 30 minutes (just as I would be drifting off to sleep again) screaming her head off. I think she must have been having nightmares because she would be crying “Mom. Mom. Mom.” even though I was right there (I brought her to bed with me). And on Sunday night Lucas woke up screaming and nothing I was doing would soothe him until Mom suggested letting him watch an episode of Wonder Pets (which I hated doing, but was at my wits end and was willing to try anything at that point). We should be getting back into a normal routine by next week, so hopefully we won’t be having any more issues.


My sister gave Kyla a baby doll and stroller for her birthday (she gave Lucas a race track and cars) and I swear the girl has barely put that baby down since she got it. And if Lucas even attempts to touch it or the stroller, she goes ballistic. I think we may have to get Lucas a stroller just to stop the biting and hitting that’s been going on. I think my favorite moment, though, was when she took the baby into their room and tucked it into her bed and closed the door so the baby could go night-night. 🙂 She also will sing parts of songs to get me to sing them to her. Particularly “Sweet Baby Mine” (my version of Sweet Caroline). Lucas is loving to give kisses lately. And N has got them doing first a regular kiss, then an Eskimo kiss. It’s so cute!


Well, the days of sweet Lucas seem to be over. He’s started being much more aggressive and isn’t giving in the way he used to. He’s also throwing tantrums like a pro now. What happened to my sweet child? I don’t like having two tantrum throwers!

They are both biting, hitting, pinching, and pulling hair like crazy. Which is driving ME crazy. I still use time out, but it doesn’t seem to change anything. They both tell me when they did something they shouldn’t, and after I let them up they will even tell me why they were sent to the corner. They will say “Hair, no” (or whatever it was they did), but a few minutes later they do it again. I realize it’s hard for kids this age to have impulse control, but I’m getting tired of seeing bite marks on my kids. If anyone has any suggestions for changing this behavior, I’m all ears! I’m not liking how I end up reacting after the 900th time in a day and something needs to change.

Okay, even though I keep ending with the “discipline” section, I feel it’s important to emphasize that the discipline part of our day is much smaller than it sometimes may seem (even to me). Over all they are great kids and I can’t imagine my life without them.

Happy Birthday, Babies! You make Mama so proud! ❤


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One response to “Happy Birthday- 2 Years

  1. I love reading all about your kids, it makes me feel so normal 🙂 Since having baby #2 I’ve given in and fed #1 more hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and fries than he’s ever had in his life…I just can’t deal with the battles right now. Discipline is also tough for me, though mine hasn’t gone through a biting stage I definitely don’t like how I react to his umpteenth temper tantrum in the day.
    I will ask my sister in law what she did with her twins for time apart and discipline. Her kids went through a stage where they fought non stop and constantly hurt each other. (she has boy/girl twins that are 6 now).

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