Sick :(

***Disclaimer: Stop reading if you don’t want to read TMI!***

Yep, we’re ALL sick again. *sigh*

Tuesday afternoon (while out to lunch, of course), Lucas got really bad diarrhea. I mean REALLY bad. And wouldn’t you know it, the restaurant we were in did not have a changing table in the bathroom. Who does that anymore?! Thankfully I brought the changing pad in with me and just laid him on the floor. By the time I got him cleaned up there was a line waiting outside the door (yes, it was a single toilet bathroom). I didn’t think too much of it, figuring maybe it was just all the fast food he had with his Papa that had finally caught up with him. But when he had diarrhea 2 more times that afternoon I figured it was time to see the doctor.

The doctor was one of the few in the practice we had not met yet. He joined the practice after we’d been going for a while. The doctor we had been using as our primary has since left the practice, so we’ve kind of been floating around to all of the others. The twins really liked this guy pretty instantly. We may have to request him more often.

Anyway, he said Lucas had a virus, most likely, and suggested probiotics, pedialite, and to replace cow’s milk with soy until his stomach settles. Other than that, it’s just a matter of waiting it out. He also examined Kyla, simply because she was pouting that she was being left out (lifted her shirt and pointed to her ears, but wouldn’t say a word). He said her stomach sounds were much more normal than Lucas’s. Of course, we all knew it was just a matter of time…

Wednesday morning N left to pick up supplies for the sick kid (the night before I just used the samples the doc gave us so I didn’t have to take the kids to the store with me). While he was gone the kids woke up. I was just about to get into the shower when I checked the video monitor and saw Lucas working to get his diaper off! I ran down the hall to stop him. Thank goodness, since it was a diarrhea diaper. Lucas pointed to Kyla’s bed and said “Nap mat! Nap mat!” over and over until I looked and saw that she had thrown up on her nap mat (they sleep on their nap mats in their beds). So I quickly scooped up the nap mat to put in the wash, cleaned up Lucas, and changed Kyla. I gave them both some “juice” (pedialite) and we waited for N to return. That’s when my tummy started rumbling and the virus hit me. I texted N and asked him to get me some probiotics and gatorade while he was out. Then Kyla threw up. All over me. I calmly cleaned us both up, changed clothes, and waited some more.

N finally returned and we offered the kids breakfast. Neither wanted anything. While I nibbled on a sandwich, Kyla sat on my lap. Then proceeded to throw up on me AGAIN. Altogether, she threw up on me 3 times by noon. Neither kid wanted to eat anything and we didn’t push it. I had a killer headache, so I napped when they did and N sweetly took the monitor so I could sleep even after they woke up. I heard them anyway and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up. I’ll admit we weren’t the best parents yesterday. We relied on the TV to keep them occupied a lot of the day. N left to watch the screenings of Video Race around 4:30 and I still had that killer headache, so I just wasn’t feeling up to being the entertainment committee. I don’t think I’ve scarred them for life…

Last night I texted N to find out what was taking so long, since I was expecting him to let me know if our movie had advanced to the finals. He texted back that he’d gotten distracted by talking to people, but he’d be heading home soon. He needed to stop by the restroom because he was not feeling so good. By the time he got home, he was feeling awful. Neither of us slept well as he tossed and turned until he finally threw up around 4 AM. At 4:30 Lucas woke up and I went to settle him, but at 5 he was awake again and had pulled off his diaper (yep, filled with diarrhea!). I cleaned him up while N got the sheets off his bed. Thankfully, Kyla slept through the whole thing. We tried to get Lucas to sleep in our bed, but I don’t think he did anything more than doze. I know I didn’t. At 10:30 Lucas started to fall asleep on N, so we took him to his room for a nap and Kyla joined him. They haven’t had a morning nap in ages. There’s no telling if they will sleep again this afternoon or not. Guess I should try to get in a nap too.

I just pray we’re all better before the weekend. We’d planned to go to the zoo with MIL and BIL. If we have to reschedule I don’t know when we’d do it. The next several weekends are very full. Plus, I really want to feel better!


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