Racing weekend

This past weekend was SUPER busy. N and I had our annual 24 Hour Video Race on Saturday, so the kids stayed with their Papa and Mimi (FIL and his wife). We dropped them (and the van) off on Friday afternoon (N’s aunt stayed with them until FIL got home that night) and didn’t pick them up until noon on Sunday. While I thought about them often, I’m not sure they thought about us. 😉 They had a great time playing and having fun.

While they were gone Team SmokingCrayolas worked on our 10th video for the Dallas Video Association. This year’s theme was “A Day to Remember,” the prop was a ball, the location was a garden, and the line of dialog was “We can do that tomorrow.” It took a while, but we finally came up with a plan we all liked around 4 AM. While half of us went to locate an important prop, the other half came back to the house to work on some technical aspects. Around 5 AM we all took a nap, since we couldn’t film until the sun came up. N and I woke first, around 7, and the others were all awake by 8. Filming got started around 8:30, but by 11:00 we weren’t happy with the results and went back to the drawing board. The camera and filming techniques we were using just weren’t working for the concept. So we pulled out my new Cannon 60D and utilized the video feature along with the wide angle lens attachment we’d gotten in the package deal. The change in cameras really helped sell the concept! We were able to film all of our footage in a matter of 1.5 hours, and got to work editing by 1 PM.

We had to dub the sound for the entire movie (which we’d planned on), so after editing we worked on that. We even made our own sound effects, and one of our team members composed a song for our opening and closing credits! We were amazed that we didn’t use a single one of the free downloads we could have gotten from Music Bakery (one of the sponsors of Video Race). We all feel we really pushed ourselves with this film, especially in sound (which has been our weakest area so far).

The film was completed by 10:30 and exported to Quicktime by 11:00. We all watched the finished product and knew we had a problem. The sound just wasn’t right and you couldn’t hear the required line of dialog being said. So N went back in and adjusted some volume levels and had to re-export. At this point we were getting very worried about time, since we had at least a 25 minute drive ahead of us. So half of us took the original copy of the movie (the one that had the sound issues) and headed down, hoping the export would finish and the other half of the team would make it to the finish line in time to turn in the correct version. They made it with 6 minutes to spare!!! 😀

Our video will be screened in the preliminary round on Wednesday night of this week. If we advance to the finals, we will screen again on Monday. While we’re proud of what we’ve put together, we have no idea if it will advance. We can only hope. N will post the movie to YouTube later this week (we want the debut to be at the screening), so I’ll come back and post the link. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


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  1. Crossing my fingers that you guys make it to the finals! I can’t wait to see it! 🙂

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