23 Months

Only one month until my babies are two. 😦 So how come Kyla’s already acting like she is? 😦

It’s been rough lately. Not really sure why. The last few nights it’s felt like we’re being awakened every 30 minutes until 1 or 2 in the morning. Then they are up by 6:30 every day. And a couple of days in a row Kyla decided she didn’t need a nap at all, despite having fallen asleep at the table while eating lunch! It’s really taking a toll on me and my mood. I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t been the most pleasant of mothers the past week. I tried to see if I could fake myself into a perky mood this morning, but it didn’t work. I really would like some continuous sleep! (Yet, I’m about to torture myself with no sleep this weekend for the 24 hour video race.)

Language & Communication
I think the most common phrase we hear these days is “Carry you!” which is what they say when they want us to pick them up. Lucas says it the most, but Kyla’s gotten in her fair share. They are becoming more and more clear in what they are saying, and really putting together whole sentences. Most of the time it sounds like the whole sentence is one melded word, but they get them all in there! 😉 And anything we say gets repeated. Or, the last word anyway. So if we ask them “Do you want water or milk” the answer is always “milk” but if we change it to “Do you want milk or water” the response becomes “water.” You’d think we could work this one to our advantage, but they just get frustrated when we give them what they asked for, but didn’t really want.

I’ve also been noticing a lot of communication between the two of them. I just wish I knew what they were saying! There are times when Kyla will go on and on for minutes at a time, talking about something very important, I’m sure, but we won’t understand any of it! Lucas seems to, though.

Gross Motor
We took the kids to the park to feed the ducks a week or so ago. We really need to work on their throwing. LOL Most of the time, the bread landed at their feet. It was pretty funny.

Climbing is a forever favorite, of course. And lately, they are not content to climb the stairs at the playground. Instead they want to use the funky ladder type things and give their mother a heart attack, expecting them to fall at any minute. Granted, I realize I could take them down and tell them no, but I don’t think that’s the right thing to do. I do stay close by so I can be there if they fall or get stuck, but I think they should be allowed to try. How else will they learn? Both yesterday and today they were climbing up the play structures like they were much older than they are.

Fine Motor
For Mother’s Day, N got me a card from each of them. On the cards from the kids he had them each “write” the letter “O” twice and then he wrote in words around them. Their “O” looks pretty much like a scribble, but I think it’s fun that they try. They’ve also been attempting to “write” on their magnadoodles. Kyla has me write the numbers 1-5, and then she tries to copy them. Of course, they look nothing like the actual numbers, but she says the numbers as she scribbles, which I think is so cute!

A while back I bought some spice shakers from the dollar store and gave them dry spaghetti to poke into the holes. They had a lot of fun with it, even if it did mean I’m STILL finding pieces of spaghetti all over the house! It was interesting watching the difference between the two of them as they attempted to line up the spaghetti just right. It was clearly more difficult for Lucas, which is to be expected.

That reminds me, they are both doing great with putting together puzzles! It’s fascinating to me watching Lucas progress from being frustrated by lining up the pieces just right, to being able to do it with little effort. And Kyla will turn the piece in the right direction as she picks it up, which I find impressive!

These kids are little sponges. They are picking things up that I don’t even realize I’ve been teaching them. They know several of their shapes. My mom sent a toy for Easter that sorts 6 eggs by shape, color, and face. They were able to correctly tell me circle, star, heart, and triangle, as well as put the eggs in the right spots. They only mixed up square and cross, which I think is really good! Imagine if I actually got my act together and started doing Tot School, like I keep saying I’m going to! Kyla can count to 3 on her own, and to 5 with me. And they both recognize the letter O and occasionally D. They’re still pretty iffy on most colors, but I think if I were to do some focused activities with them they’d catch on.

I really hope to get into a Tot School routine soon. Maybe it’s something I can do with friends, so we can share the planning. It’s a thought.

We continue to go to several play dates each week. I love how comfortable they are with the kids and moms. We were even invited to a birthday party for one of our photo playgroup kids. They had a good time.

I’m impressed with how generally pleasant my kids tend to be when we’re in public. Now, we’ll just ignore the screaming Kyla did at the grocery store today because I made her wear her shoes, but for the most part we get nothing but compliments on their behavior.

We’ve been going to church for two months now and everyone in the nursery and Sunday School tell me how sweet they are. I don’t think they’d say that if they didn’t really believe it. 😉 I love that they get that time away from me, but I sure do wish I could be a fly on the wall and see what they do while I’m away.

The last two days have been an exception, but for a while now Kyla’s been quite the little pig. She is making me think it’s time to get them each their own kids meal when we go out to eat. Twice now she’s eaten her half of the meal and still wanted more. Thankfully, my friend was kind enough to share her meal, since mommy is kinda stingy with her food. 😉 I’m thinking she’s hitting a growth spurt, since she’s focused on the protein, rather than the carbs she always scarfed before. If they get much heavier, though, I don’t think I’ll be able to carry them much longer. Which I know Lucas won’t like!

I adore both of their hugs and kisses. However, I must admit that Lucas is a much better hugger, while Kyla is better at giving kisses. I can’t get enough of either! Of course, Kyla’s been a bit more stingy with her hugs and kisses lately. I’m SO dreading the teenage years with this one!

At night, Lucas has to give his sister a hug and kiss before he’ll go to bed. Kyla is not so inclined and will sometimes turn away from him. It doesn’t phase him, though. He just hugs and kisses whatever is facing him. 😉

Kyla is definitely the stronger personality. When she wants something, she’ll pitch a fit, and inevitably, Lucas will simply give it to her. On the one hand, it saves us dealing with the screaming fit, but on the other hand I wish he didn’t give in so easily. I’m continuing to use “the corner” (time out) as a discipline tactic. But it’s kind of funny because occasionally they’ll be doing something I don’t want them to do and I’ll say “Do you need to go to the corner?” and instead of answering, they’ll go put themselves in the corner. It takes all I have to not laugh when they do that. They also know that as soon as they get up from the corner they have to say “sorry.” I’m not sure if it’s completely getting through to them (Kyla still pulls Lucas’s hair, no matter how many times we send her to the corner), but it at least stops the behavior for a while.

I do have to say that I’m pretty lucky. Yes, Kyla tends to go overboard with the tantrums (and everything is “no” these days), and Lucas can be a bit whiny/clingy at times, but I really do have two sweet and wonderful kids. I do sometimes have to remind myself of that at 1 AM when I’ve been in their room 90 times since putting them down at 8. Their smiles always help me to remember, though.


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