You Capture- Outside

I’m a little tardy to the party, but better late than never, right? This week’s You Capture challenge was “Outside.” The weather finally got pretty towards the end of the week (Monday turned into a PJ day because of the rain and cold), so we got to spend some time outdoors. Yesterday we went to a great local park, but I completely forgot to bring my camera! Thankfully, I remembered to grab it today when we went back. There are tons of animals at this park (ducks, geese, turtles, rabbits) just running wild. They’re used to people, though, so it’s possible to get pretty close to them. When I got down on my knee to get a picture of the baby ducks, they all came running towards me! So fun!

Baby Ducks

Just a few of the baby ducks at the park.

Oh, yeah, and the kids were there too. 😉 They spent almost the entire time on the swings. I could not convince them to play on something that didn’t require mom to push them. Thankfully, a little four year old decided to push them for me and Kyla developed a crush! LOL

Swinging Lucas

Lucas on the swing

Swinging Kyla

Kyla on the swing

I’m pretty sure we’ll be spending a LOT of time outside the next few weeks. Until it gets too hot to be outside. Thankfully there are lots of splash pads around!

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2 responses to “You Capture- Outside

  1. aww baby ducks 🙂 Ours haven’t starting hatching here yet. I just love baby ducks!
    I’m impressed your kids understand how to hold onto a real swing. I still put my little guy in the baby swings…he likes to let go and give mom heart failure.

  2. I love the ducks! I can’t wait to go to that park and let the kids see them too.

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