Muffin Tin Monday- (or maybe Tuesday)

I didn’t get to do a Muffin Tin Meal yesterday because all my muffin tins were occupied. I made mini meatloaves that were nummy! So instead I did my meal a day late. No theme. Just food we like.

Here’s what we had for lunch today:


(clockwise from top left) Grapes, "dip," Mini Meatloaf, Broccoli Bite, Green Beans, Grean Beans

The reason there are two cups with green beans is because Lucas recently discovered he LOVES green beans. Or at least, the canned kind (I get the ones with no added salt). There was one night that he ate an entire can by himself! So I thought I’d save myself the trouble of having to refill as often and gave them two cups worth. Only to have them not finish that much. *sigh* Oh, well. Overall, they ate pretty well, though it may not look like it.


Lucas's on the left, Kyla's on the right

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Muffin Tin Monday at


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