Potty Training- Day 3

This may, very well, be the hardest thing a parent ever has to do. I could be wrong, of course. I’ve only been a parent for 22 months and change, but so far I’d say it ranks right up there! I think the biggest problem, though, is with me. Not the kids. They’re only doing what they’ve been doing their whole life. It’s not their fault they don’t know how to go in the potty instantly. But it sure is frustrating anyway.

Okay, so on to the details of the day… When they first woke up, I was a good girl and had already showered so I was able to go get them almost immediately. I took them immediately to the bathroom, though they’d clearly already peed in their diapers and didn’t do anything in the potties. That was okay, I knew it was a long shot.

I then began setting a timer for 30 minutes so I could be sure to take them to sit on the potties regularly. Only, Kyla would suddenly say “Pee-pee! Pee-pee!” after only 15 minutes and we’d all go rushing into the bathroom. But nothing happened. No peeing in the potty, and none on the floor. So technically I was taking them about every 15 minutes.

Then I realized that today was the deadline for a bill I needed to pay and I had to run over to pay it. Lucas peed (not in the potty, unfortunately), so I felt fairly safe taking him out for the quick trip, but Kyla had not and I had no idea how long it would be before she did. So I put diapers on them both. I was just not brave enough to take them out in underwear. Of course, we were only gone about 30 minutes total and they both peed in their diapers.

When we got home, Lucas decided he wanted to stay in a diaper and Kyla wanted underwear. As soon as I noticed that Lucas was wet, I told him I had to change him and put him on the potty. He went! After that he decided he wanted to wear underwear. Kyla didn’t actually have an accident (other than in her diaper when we were out) until after lunch, while brushing her teeth, despite telling me “pee-pee” every 15 minutes. (I’m now wondering if I just can’t hear when she pees?? And since she prefers to go on the big toilet, I can’t really see if she’s gone by looking in.) Out of my own frustration, I ended up putting them both in diapers. I thought I was giving up. I really did. It was just too hard.

But after lunch (and reading some more potty training stuff online and in an ebook I purchased), I decided to continue trying. We had more accidents, of course. But I simply cleaned up and kept going. I did take them outside (naked) for about an hour to keep them busy while I continued to read the ebook. While I don’t recommend the book (really poorly written), I did pick up one little tidbit of information that I decided I needed to try. The author talked about having the child “push” every time he or she sits on the potty. And if they didn’t know what “push” meant, then to tickle their tummy to get the same effect. When we went inside (just before Wonder Pets), I tried it. And Lucas peed in the potty! Okay, not all of it landed IN the potty, but that’s not entirely his fault (darn penis!). They watched Wonder Pets, then I paused it and made them sit on the potty again. (It was a fight both of these times to get them in the bathroom, but once in there and reading books or playing with toys, they were fine sitting.) Once again I tried tickling them (between each page of the book) and Lucas peed again! Still nothing from Kyla that I could tell, though.

We made it through dinner without anyone peeing in their high chair (first time!), and then headed for the bath. We had been doing baths every other day, but with the amount of pee running down their legs all day, even though I use a wipe on them every time, I decided it would be wise to wash them anyway. I’m sure they probably peed in the bath tub (out potty seats are in the other bathroom, so I couldn’t convince them to go there first), but Lucas peed shortly after getting out. All over a book, of course. 😦 And as he did it he said “pee-pee.” I guess at least he’s making a connection. *sigh*

I had them sit on the potties one more time before putting them to bed (yes, I put diapers on them). Nothing happened, but at least we tried.

I survived another day. Tomorrow we have lunch plans. I’m still torn on if I should take them out in underwear or diapers. I know they won’t tell me if they have to go. And I know there will be accidents. But I don’t think putting a diaper on them is sending the right message (even though I did it today, I feel like I shouldn’t have). Perhaps I need to get some of those plastic pants. But I’m not sure I’ll be able to get out to get any before lunch. *sigh* I guess I’ll just play it by ear.

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