Flattered or freaked out?

I have a confession to make. I stalk my blog statistics page. That’s the page that tells me how many people viewed my blog on a given day as well as which posts or pages they viewed. Since a lot of people don’t leave comments, it makes me feel better knowing that someone must be reading what I write. Lately the number of views in a day has averaged around 40 or so. My most popular day, for the last two years, has been June 10, 2009. The day I posted about the arrival of the twins. I had over 200 views that day. It was always kind of neat seeing that date on the status page every time I checked.

Yesterday that changed. I have no clue why, but I had 225 views yesterday. I cannot imagine that my post about my foot or the You Capture challenge could possibly be that interesting to people. So what was it?

On the one hand, it’s kind of flattering that that many people felt inclined to read my blog (or at least click a link?). Or maybe it was one person that came back 225 times? But on the other hand it’s a little creepy too. I mean, what could I possibly have to say that would interest that many people?

Weird. Just weird.

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One response to “Flattered or freaked out?

  1. I’ve been checking my stats a lot lately too. I think you are just that popular. 🙂

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