You Capture- Spring

This week’s You Capture challenge was “spring.” Excitingly, we already had plans to take pictures in the bluebonnets this week, so it worked out perfectly.

Picture in the Bluebonnets

Obligatory Bluebonnet Pic (it's a Texas thing)

Ladybug on a bluebonnet

Ladybug on a bluebonnet

kids looking at ladybug

The discoveries of Spring!

Then this morning N opened the door to let the dogs out and found this cute little fur ball. Nothing says spring like a baby bunny!

Baby Bunny

Baby Bunny

To see other interpretations of this week’s You Capture challenge, visit:



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2 responses to “You Capture- Spring

  1. So sweet! We haven’t found any good bluebonnet patches yet … I look every time I get in the car because it seems like the best ones are always on the side of the road. =>

  2. How neat that you found a bunny in your yard just in time for Easter. 🙂

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